Sakleshpur karnataka


If you are planning on going for a vacation without all the hubbub of tourists and lost in your own world, Sakleshpur is the ideal destination for you. Clad in a green shroud, Sakleshpur is overloaded with greenery and its beauty is amplified especially during the monsoons.

Sakleshpur - Karnataka

The entire place is in an offbeat location and hence the more serene and pristine you can expect it to be. As you roam around the place, you will come across the ancient Manjarabad fort. It is a fort in the shape of a star and was built during the rule of Tipu Sultan.

The fort houses a secret passage to Srirangapatna so that people will be able to flee in case the fort is breached. The historical mystery that shrouds this fort makes it a must visit place in Sakleshpur.

Sakleshpur is filled with gushing streams that are common to find like the vehicles on the road. They flow all over Sakleshpur and meet at a point to cascade as a waterfalls.

Eventhough you don’t feel like walking along the streams, you can find a good spot and sit down with your feet dangling in the stream with the cool water gushing across your feet.

Situated amidst the green ranges of the Western Ghats mountains and Bisle forest, Sakleshpur does not have any shortage in nature trails or trekking. There are many nature trails around Sakleshpur which take your breath away.

How to reach ?

By Air : The nearest airport is the Mangalore airport which is at a distance of 100 kilometers.

By Train : Sakleshpur has its own railway station that connects you by train with the major towns and cities of the state.

By Road : Sakleshpur is well connected by road on all sides and it is easy to reach any city from the place.