Bangalore, with its official name of Bengaluru, is one of the top hi-tech Indian cities and is located in the South Indian state of Karnataka. The city has earned numerous nicknames, the most popular ones being ‘The Garden City’, ‘The Silicon Valley of India’ and ‘The Pub City’. The sobriquets define different traits of the city which offers many attractions and activities to the tourists.

Bangalore - City Guide

Bangalore witnessed power struggles among powerful dynasties like Cholas, Hoysala Empire and Vijayanagara Empire till the mid of the 16th century. Kempe Gowda, a feudatory ruler of the Vijayanagara Empire, laid the foundation of the modern day Bangalore by constructing a fort with mud and bricks.

Gowda and his successors divided the town into divisions called ‘petes’. The city further changed hands from Marathas to Mughals and Mysore Kingdom rulers, before becoming a part of the British Empire. Each of these eras left its footmarks that are visible in the form of popular tourist attractions.

The tourist activities in Bangalore include visiting palaces, temples, churches, gardens and important buildings. The royal Bangalore Palace which has been the home to the Mysore rulers is known for its resemblance to England’s Windsor Castle. The palace’s grounds serve as popular venues for many musical events and concerts. Another beautiful palace is that of Tipu Sultan which is an enthralling wooden structure showcasing mesmerizing balconies and arches.

Among the most visited temples in Bangalore is the Bull Temple. The temple showcases a huge statue of bull and is popular for its Dravidian architectural style. The Buddhism Temple called Maha Bodhi Society Temple is admired for its peaceful atmosphere. The Shiva Temple in the city has a spectacular monolith of Lord Shiva which is completely spellbinding. Maruthi Temple, Hare Krishna Temple and Gavi Gangadeshwara Cave Temple are other popular temples worth visiting.

The city is also home to the popular churches like St. Mary’s Basilica and Holy Trinity Church featuring styles like Gothic and Renaissance. The modern landmarks in the city include the government buildings like Vidhana Soudha (Karnataka’s legislative house) and Vikasa Soudha featuring amazing constructions.

The nature lovers can spend time at Cubbon Park, one of the most popular Indian gardens housing many botanical species. The park also accommodates beautiful fountains and a number of buildings like Karnataka High Court, Venkatappa Art Gallery, State Archeological Museum, Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall and many more.

Lal Bagh is another popular botanical garden in the city. The main attraction of the garden is the magnificent glass house which also hosts flower show every year. A lake and an aquarium form other worthwhile features of the garden which houses a large collection of botanical specimen. The Kempe Gowda Tower in the garden honors the founder of the modern day Bangalore.

Shopping is another popular tourist activity in the city which offers many traditional and modern shopping venues. Commercial Street, for example, is the well - known shoppers’ paradise with shops selling textile goods, jewelry, shoes and art works. The tourists to the city can also enjoy rock climbing, hiking, camping and other adventure activities at the venues located in the close proximity of Bangalore. There is no limit to the art galleries and theaters where the region’s popular classical music and dance forms can be enjoyed.

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