Murudeshwar Temple

Murudeshwar Temple

The Murudeshwar temple is located in the Murudeshwar bhatkal taluk in Karnataka, the temple's beauty is even more enhanced by the presence of the Arabian Sea on all three sides of the temple which attracts many tourists. It is popular among tourists because Murudeshwar Shiva temple is near several other tourist attractions. The main attraction of this temple which draws tourists, is the breathtaking beauty of the Murudeshwar temple and the gateway.

Murudeshwar Temple - Karnataka

Its 249 feet tall entrance known as the raj Gopuram and its second tallest Shiva status make the ocean lapping behind it breathtaking, and it can be used for beach vibes and religious walks. People gather here to make heartfelt prayers to Lord Shiva on behalf of places in India and abroad. Even a passing glimpse of the gigantic Shiva at a nearby temple changes the atmosphere to one of holiness. Even though it is hundreds of years old the beauty of the temple is still majestic. This temple has recently been renovated, apart from the inner sanctum. With the help of the lift, all age groups of devotees can now reach the top of the temple with ease. The Murudeshwar temple is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Karnataka because of the enormous Shiva statue, not only the 123 ft Shiva temple, visitors from all over the world also come to admire the front’s 20 storey(237 ft) Gopuram.

Entry Fee:

No entry fee

Darshan time:

6:00 AM to 12 noon and 3:00 PM to 08:15 pm every day, on all days of the week.

Specialty of the temple:

The second tallest Shiva statue in the world is the Shiva statue of the Murudeshwar temple, after the one in Nepal known as the kailashnath mahadev statue. The statue is built in such a way that when sunlight falls directly into it, its appearance sparks all the time. At the bottom of the hill there is Rameshwaram lingam where devotees can perform rituals on their own without a priest. There is a huge Gopuram at the entrance which is 249 feet high. The Murudeshwar Temple is close to Netrani Island, which is a must visit if you enjoy scuba diving and other water activities. The temple's architecture is in the south Indian Dravidian style.

Best time to visit the temple:

Best time to visit the temple is from October to March.

Dress code of the temple:

The preferred dress code for men is Shirt- Pants, Dhoti-Shirt and for the women it is a saree or half saree or chudidhar.

Festival of the temple:

Some of the festivals that are celebrated at the Murudeshwar temple are maha shivaratri and Karthik Purnima .Let's talk about the maha shivaratri festival. To receive the blessing of the lord shiva numerous numbers of people gathered in the temple to sing bhajans throughout the night and into the day. Another festival is Karthik Purnima celebrated in the month of Karthik usually in November or December.On this day, some believed that lord shiva destroyed the three demon cities known as Tripura Some believed that the day signified the birth of lord karthikeyan (Murugan), son of lord shiva. If you’re an Indian heritage lover and the cultural feast then you must visit the Murudeshwar temple during the festival time.

How to reach the temple?

By Air : The nearest international airport is the Mangalore which is at a distance of 165 km from the Murudeshwar temple.

By Train :The Karwar express from Bangalore connects Murudeshwar to other important towns and the nearest railway station is Murudeshwar.

By Road :Many buses are available from major cities in Karnataka.


1.Is the Murudeshwar Temple open throughout the year?

Yes, the Murudeshwar Temple is open throughout the year.

2.What is the entry fee?

The entry fee is free of cost.

3.Is there any online Darshan facility available?

No, there is no facility available for online Darshan.

4.Is there any facility for specially-abled and senior citizens?

No, there is no facility available.