Belur in Karnataka once served as the capital of Hoysala Empire and today, it is a historically significant tourist destination. The lush green surroundings and Yagachi River flanking the town make it even more worthwhile for traveling.

Belur - City Guide

The town accommodates the mesmerizing Chennakesava Temple complex with many architecturally beautiful temples and other highlights. Chennakesava Temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu (Chennakesava translates to ‘handsome Vishnu’) is indeed the main attraction.

The temple displays Hoysala architectural style which is admired for its intricate designs and use of friezes and sculptures. Not even an inch of the temple’s walls is left blank and intricate carvings instantly capture one’s attraction. Animal figures like horses and elephants, along with aesthetic figures of dancers, have been used all over. Exquisite carvings of Lady with the Mirror are extremely enchanting.

Kappe Chennigaraya, which was built earlier than Chennakesava Temple, is another attraction of the complex. It was built as the original temple, but was later abandoned due to faulty idol of Lord Vishnu. Veera Narayana Temple with extensively decorated outer walls is also a notable attraction. Among other highlights of the temple complex are the Gravity Pillar and Vishnu Samudra (a big water tank).

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