Located amidst green fields and away from the hustle and bustle of urban cities, the ancient temples of Aihole are great heritage sites. There are rock - cut shrines, cave temples and those designed using magnificent Hindu temple architectural style form parts of enthralling Aihole attractions.

Aihole - City Guide

Lad Khan Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is the oldest and admirable for carved pillars, lattice style windows and floral patterns. Durga Temple that borrows design ideas from Buddhist architecture is another prominent attraction. The rock - cut shrine called Ravalphadi Temple is known for the beautiful figures of Nataraja, the dancing form of Shiva.

Located on a small hillock is the Meguti Jain Temple offers mesmerizing views of the surrounding temples and fields. Mallikarjuna Temple complex, Huchimalligudi Temple and Huchappayya Temple are other significant temples. The group of temples called Galaganatha is located on the banks of River Malaprabha and worth a watch.

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