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Hold your plans of going on a Europe Tour and an African Safari in 2021. Before you begin your exploration of the world, you need to strengthen your mind, body, and soul. By introducing worthy changes to your lifestyle, having healthy food, and knowing about the architectural and spiritual prowess of a great culture, you can sharpen your senses. Clarity of thought is the biggest need of this hour and that’s why walking is recommended. It allows your bodily fluids to settle down in the right places, keeping you healthy and happy.

But why walk in the same surroundings when you have palatial streets that talk history and luxury in destinations like Chettinad? Why just read about the marvels of temples when you can visit and pray in living temples like Srirangam and Madurai Meenakshi Amman spreading goodness all over the world?

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Treat yourself like kinds and queens of the Chera, Chola, Pandya era, living their grand and luxurious life in some of the heritage stays of Tamil Nadu. If you think you had survived 2020 well and all your family is safe and beautiful, it is time to celebrate your hard work and perseverance in 2021. We know how badly people want to travel to different countries but there is time for it.

Now is the time for gratitude, prayers, outdoor family time, powerful rituals, relaxation, and thanksgiving to Nature.

The Feelings of Godliness

You’re blessed and lucky if you’re reading this blog in 2021. We all have learnt to be resilient and patient in 2020. Celebrate this new and beautiful year with your family and loved ones. If you’re planning to experience everything in a destination, welcome to Tamil Nadu. From history heralding temples, luxury honeymoon destinations, places for foodies, and archaeologically sound arenas, Tamil Nadu boasts of great culture and diversity for the world of travellers.

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So, where to start and where to end? What are the best ways to explore and experience Tamil Nadu? Where to stay and rekindle the love of relaxation.

Hunt down History and Handloom Sarees

Start from Chennai and visit popular attractions of Madras like George Fort while visiting the Egmore Museum is one of the must-do things in Chennai. As the former holds the prestigious tag of the first English fortress in India, the latter holds the record for being the 2nd oldest museum in India and 10th oldest museum in the world. Constructed in the year 1851, Government Museum of Madras is an epitome of cultural artefacts and human history.

Government Museum in Egmore, Chennai

You have Leela Palace, Holiday Inn, and Hyatt to stay in Chennai after exploring the heavy daggers and swords of the Chola Empire in Egmore Museum. After all the busy shopping, exotic mall visits, temple prayers and history hunting in Chennai, travel to the silk paradise of Kanchipuram.

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Best Place to Stay: Leela Palace, Chennai

The land of the finely made silk sarees Kanchipuram is not just famous for its handloom sarees but also for religious hotspots like Varadharaja Temple which is famous for the presiding deity’s humungous stone-cut chain that is more than 1500 years old. A beautiful destination to visit with your family near Chennai. Once the capital of Pallavas during 6th and 8th century, Kanchipuram was responsible for helping the Chinese with their Kung Fu. Bodhi Dharma, the South Indian Prince of the Pallava Kingdom taught the Chinese their modern-day Kungfu, various medicinal, and meditation techniques. Kanchipuram is also known as the city of 1000 temples.

Best Place to Stay: Radisson Blu, Mahabalipuram

The ancient port of the Pallavas is vibrant even today for its magnificent UNESCO recognized Group of Monuments. Arjuna’s penance, Krishna’s Butterball, Shore Temple, Pancha Rathas, and noteworthy caves make Mamallapuram a treasure trove for parents who’d love to educate their kids about South Indian history.

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Why stay at Radisson Blu, Mamallapuram?

For its exceptional views, outdoor pools, gold courts, grilled seafood, and international cuisine and drinks. Every chalet is air-conditioned and has close proximity with the Indian French Town of Pondicherry.

Where to Stay for Families in Pondicherry?

Best Place for Heritage Stays: Palais De Mahe

Usually, Pondicherry is often treated as a conducive destination for partying and boisterous celebrations. But the old charm of the French Town resides primarily in its heritage buildings, clean beaches, and family stays. CGH Earth’s Palais De Mahe is one such heritage hotel for families to rejuvenate their senses back in 2021.

Why stay at Palais De Mahe – CGH EARTH?

Flower decorated balconies, french style windows, royal yellow palettes, and distinct colonial French patterns unite in the right proportions with the present-day salty and sunny Coromandel coast of India. Palais De Made carries the French flavour in a typical Indian way, surrounded by bangle bazaars, sidewalk cafes, and the gentle grumbling of the Bay of Bengal.

Pondicherry – The French Town’s Quick Guide

But there is one more beautiful property in Pondicherry for family. That is Le Pondy, a beautiful premium leisure destination for families and couples.

Best Place for Family: Le Pondy

Just under 10 km from Shri Aurobindo Ashram, Le Pondy is the best hotel in Pondicherry for family travellers with kids. Playground, buffet with American and Continental À la carte along with a private beach garden make Le Pondy a great choice for introverts too.

Off to the Historic Town via Trichy

Just 200 km away from Pondicherry is the central district of Tamil Nadu, Trichy or Tiruchchirappalli, a peaceful destination with many world-famous sites. The Rockfort Temple, Srirangam, and the Grand Anicut built by Karikala Chola are the best places to visit in Trichy before heading to Tanjore Big Temple. Know more about the world-renowned temple reading the blog below.

Why you should visit the 1000 year old Big Temple in Tamilnadu?

Tanjore is known as the rice bowl of Tamil Nadu owing to its strong agricultural contribution involving paddy. As a birthplace of Carnatic Music, great history due to confluence of culture, and artistic qualities, Tanjore is gold for art and history lovers. Buy Tanjore Dolls supporting handicraft sellers and participate in art exhibitions on Tanjore Paintings. You’ll have a great time with your family in the erstwhile capital of Cholas if you wish to accommodate in the luxury-cum-heritage property of Svatma.

Best Hotel to Stay: Svatma, Tanjore

Why stay at Svatma Heritage Hotel in Tanjore?

Feel like a celebrity of the royal era inside the heritage property of Svatma as you immerse yourselves into the Tamil culture. Meet the most iconic women entrepreneur, architect, owner of Svatma Heritage Hotel, and classical dancer inside her traditionally polished den. The hotel has a beautiful library, boutique shop, and an ineffable pool perfect for solo travellers too. Svatma is pleasant poetry disguised as a heritage hotel. Holistic wellness is given more importance here and so treat yourself to a beautiful mind, body, and soul detox.

Gangaikondacholapuram- The Oldest South Indian Temple

Travel to the City of Temples – Kumbakonam

Best Place to Stay: Mantra Koodam – CGH Earth, Kumbakonam

From Adi Kumbeshwara Temple explaining about the history of Mahamaham and origin of Kumbakonam, its strong cup of aromatic coffee, and Navagraha Temples maketh Kumbakonam a divine destination for the whole of humanity. Every nook and corner of Kumbakonam has a beautiful ancient temple with a peculiar flavour just like the town’s degree coffee.

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Why stay at Mantra Koodam – CGH Earth?

With lined up homes replicating the aura of an Agraharam, this property in Veppathur takes you back in time with its Athangudi Tiles, magnanimous verandahs, and fine doors made out of Burma Teak. Stroll across peacock inhabited green zones where divinity is entwined deeply with Tamil tradition.

Tamil Nadu’s Greatest Cultural Treasure – Chettinad

If you wish to experience the natural rhythm of vintage and tradition, get to Chettinad with your family. Located on the Trichy-Rameswaram highway, Chettinad is a plethora of grandeur lifestyle, street-long houses, humungous mansions, and the best cuisine that has not only red hot spices and vivid colours to suit your taste palette but also authenticity and world-class taste.

Traditional Culture of Beautiful villages in Tamilnadu

Tour inside the ultra-palatial residences of the erstwhile Merchant community of Chettiyars and get to experience traditional luxury. What you have experienced in Mantra Koodam – CGH Earth is just a prelude to what you get to witness inside the Chettinad Mansions – Italian Marbles, Burmese Teakwood, Belgium Mirrors, and Spanish Floor, and Athangudi Tiles will delight your artist taste if you’re a lover of the world’s precious luxury. After soaking yourself up in luxury and a beautiful tradition, take a mini culinary tour after accommodating in Kanadugathan’s Visalam property by CGH Earth.

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Best Place to Stay: Visalam – CGH Earth, Chettinad

Why stay at Visalam – CGH Earth?

This property has emotions, family values, and a beautiful father-daughter bond attached to it. If you to recreate the era of bullock cart explorations, experience weavings of handloom sarees, and glide past into the grounded past of the flourishing era of a merchant community, gift your family a day or two at this property.

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Explore the Oldest Living City on Earth – Madurai

Blessings from Madurai Meenakshi Amman! Before you enter the premises of the sacred goddess Meenakshi, spare some time to get to Rameswaram’s Ramanathaswamy Temple with the world’s longest temple corridor and many powerful sorceries for the betterment of your spiritual life. As a concluding part of your historic luxury tour of Tamil Nadu, Madurai will only begin the next chapter to your glorious exploration of the world’s most beautiful and realistic culture. Even those who believe they know the values and customs of Tamil Nadu will understand they have just started after the end of this fortnight trip.

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Explore the ancient routes of Madurai that resembles Athens in Greece and experience Ptolemy’s favourite land with your family. If you loved strolling past the pre-colonized zones of the Madras presidency, you’ll fall in love with the raw and rustic trails of the Pandyan Kingdom, the oldest democratic kingdom in the world.

Best Place to Stay: Courtyard by Marriott, Madurai

Why stay at Courtyard by Marriott?

Just under 5 km from the world’s most prestigious temple destination Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple. Thirumalai Nayak Mahal is also closer to this destination whereas Madurai International Airport is just under 15 km from Courtyard by Marriott. Get the taste of international cuisines and southern Indian dishes at The Madurai Kitchen in this property.

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