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Every tour has a meaning to it. When you travel with your family for leisure, certain limitations are attached to it. Likewise, a honeymoon tour, business trip, and solo backpacker’s tour have some level of prerequisites. But when you travel with your buddies, boundaries won’t bother you. Bromance is always there and it takes the best buddies to collect the truest aura of a place. Every tribe is different and that’s what creates the opportunity to explore any place with a different and beautiful purpose every single time.

The Highway Hustlers

The revving soul of this motorcycle freaks wants to explore the summits of Ladakh, the denseness of Western Ghats, the vastness of Thar Desert, the cavernous terrains of the Northeast, and the breezy territories of the Coastal Zones. Here are some beautiful roads in India to travel with your highway hustlers. Ride with them or just be there pillion, you’ll discover the plethora of the Indian subcontinent.

The Tranquility Hunters

They typically look for solace and a life away from work and family. But these are people who’d include their like-minded buddies for seeking tranquility. Mostly, they’d opt for complete digital detox and would prefer staying at a remote location. Far away from the regular tourist trail. If you have friends like them, pick a place like Vattakanal in Kodaikanal, book a resort in the wilderness of the Himalaya, or a memorable stay near Athirappilly falls in Kerala. Your travel experience will bring out the hidden emotions with the help of your warm buddies.

The Stone Age Millennials

People who’d love to trek or hike often have a group of like-minded friends. If you are thinking about working on anxiety and unnecessary stress, they are the right gang to join. From trekking in Annapurna Circuit in Mount Everest to steadily practicing for the Kanchenjunga circuit, they are your go-to friends to reconnect with our planet Earth. After a week of happy and hardcore trekking, your body will be ready to hustle hard for the upcoming weeks.

The Rain and Mountain Tribe

They are mostly adventurous who are always thinking about buying a place for them in the mountains. Their affinity to hill stations is so intense that traveling means curling up to the misty mountains. Every hairpin bend is a milestone for them while chai and Maggi may win the-best-companion battle with you. Buy tents, pack food, a pair of shoes, jerkins, and take a few books (as they might start early for experiencing a good old sunrise) since you might wake up late and don’t realize where you had slept that night. Urge them or in fact, beg them to wake you up with them.

Binge-Watching Buddies

Hola binge-watchers! You travel together with your friend and then when these guys settle down, it is all about Game of Thrones or Peaky Binders or about the new sequel movie. The best part is that they relate to every scenario they see during your trip with a character or plot of the series. So, find your Shelby Gang for a street tour of India or any Dark gang for a trip to the haunted and surreal destinations in India.

Trip with your best gang to every beautiful destination in India. Travel with your friends to understand the passionate qualities of traveling.

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