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As heat and light brighten the morning skies in India, gloominess disappears. Summer is the beginning of all good things as exposure to a moderate amount of Sunlight is the best thing every human can do next to drinking water and spreading smiles. There are many places to visit in India during the summer season and they have many interesting activities to counter the tropical heat. Since more and more tourist circuits are introduced in India on account of Swadesh Darshan Scheme, international travellers are in for a massive treat in the upcoming year. 

The 15 tourist circuits –  Spiritual Circuit, North-East Circuit, Krishna Circuit, Tribal Circuit, Eco Circuit, Tirthankara Circuit, Ramayana Circuit, Rural Circuit, Buddhist Circuit, Sufi Circuit, Heritage Circuit, Himalayan Circuit, Coastal Circuit, Wildlife Circuit, and Desert Circuit along with the relaunch of Cheetahs to India will inspire the world to explore India in its rawest form. If you want to experience the wildest form of India, travel with to India in summer. Indian Panorama will design your personalized tour plan.

#1 Silent Resorts and Family Vacation

If you want to befriend snow and experience cosiness, The Ibnii in Coorg is a definite date with Nature. An Exo-Luxury Resort for those looking isolation. Collect golden memories in one of the beautiful chalets of SpiceTree Munnar between Bison Valley Hills and Kanan Devan. Likewise, The Machan of Lonavala is one spectacular eco-friendly couple resort and family-friendly accommodation in India. Access the Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh with your family staying at Pugdundee Safaris Kanha Earth Lodge which has a tribal architecture and large verandahs. Or, enjoy the scenic waterfalls of Chorla staying at WilderNest Resort and enjoy with your family in complete tranquillity.

#2 Happening Cities and Honeymoon Couple

The highlights of Udaipur include strolling beside Lake Pichola and catching up twilight with your beloved one. Try delicious street cuisines and hop on to horses for a great evening. Fort Kochi is best explored on foot and boat. You can get off anywhere in between and explore old homes of Fort Kochi. Have a nutritious breakfast and end your evening with Kulukki Sarbath (a typical Kochi drink). The erstwhile Nizam territory, Hyderabad is best explored by taking a guided tour. Carry a scarf and water bottle as you learn about the acoustics of Golconda, the serenity of Birla Mandir, and go on a shopping spree near Charminar. Have a beautiful dinner date in Spice Kraft and explore Queen Victoria Memorial in the day travelling to Kolkata. The French Town of India, Pondicherry is a place for beach-loving couples as you have The Paradise Beach and many staggering stays and heritage sites for couple photography.

#3 What to Wear for the Indian Weather?

Position yourself in hot and humid weather without problems of landslides and roadblocks. Welcome Indian Summers! Wear genie pants, doll up in colourful scarfs and drape yourself in one of the beautiful sarees to beat the heat. There are dhoti options and handloom shirts to keep yourselves cool. You can put on a hat and cooler and imbibe the necessary Vitamin D without losing your essential nutrients. Long skirts, cotton blouses, Flowy Harem Pants, Kimonos, Kurtas, Jogger Pants, Bandanas, Breathable Button-Down Shirts, and lightweight slip-on slippers. If you want to experience the cultural aspects of the place you are exploring, consider supporting the local weavers and buy a cultural asset as a souvenir. But how to keep yourself hydrated? There is more to it than just drinking water! 

#4 Start Early. Stroll Slowly. Stay Hydrated.

Always carry a water bottle with you and sip on them like your life is dependent on it. The more water you drink periodically, the more easily you’ll conquer dehydration. During the commute, if you find local vendors selling tender coconuts and sugarcane juices, halt and drink a lot to retain essential nutrients. The idea is to get vital vitamins and maintain electrolyte balance in the body. You should eat water by devouring oranges, watermelon, cucumber, radishes, lettuce, tomatoes, celery, strawberries, yoghurt, and broccoli as they have more water content with healthy calories. Replenish lost fluids as soon as possible and stay indoors during afternoons unless you have plenty to cover on a particular day. Stay fit while you travel.

#5 Consult a Tour Expert and Book Your Ticket

It is good to explore the world on your own but if you want to experience the real nature of a place with comfort, luxury, and great food, you need back up. Like a cinematographer finding the right location and timing for a shoot, tour consultants can guide you throughout your vacation without you compromising on comfort. They know how it works and saves you a lot of time. For safe and secure travel, get in touch with a travel consultant and you’ll now understand the meaning of a super comfy tour. Big relief for your loved ones since you are always under the radar of a travel expert. They understand your expectations and make your tour pleasant. After March month till July, travel advisors know where to put you for a good night of sleep and where to take you during the day. In the end, you’ll see the best of a destination without you knowing.

Hope, these five quick tips improve your travel experience in India. Take a complete tour of India with Indian Panorama and explore the beautiful temples, heritage sites, and important monuments of India with ease. Tourists deserve every good in the world as they are the beautiful bridges that connect this gorgeous globe.

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