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With full of Vibrant colors and textures, just like the Indian subcontinent, the sweets of India range from royal delicacies to easy-to-make snacks. Let this blog shower you with the necessary motivation for trying a new snack at home. Some sweets need patience while a few delicacies need a tireless hand and great culinary techniques.

Enter into the Candy Kingdom and soak your soul with infinite sweetness!

Rasgulla – The White Paradise

Dipped in a semi-slimy sugar syrup, Rasgulla, the Bengal sweet is a dumpling of semolina dough and cottage cheese. The favorite sweet of the Bengalis is a must-try in India as an evening snack or before the meal starter. Rasgulla is also famous in Odisha where Puri Jagannath Temple celebrates Rasgulla as a temple offering. “Bangla Rasogolla” is yet another name for the juicy delicious balls soaked in the sugar kingdom. 

Try this Rasgulla Recipe at home – credits to “Get Curried”

Laddoo – Chhota Bheem’s Cheat Meal

The Motichur Laddoo is the most popular Laddoo and every type of laddoo is rolled by hands. The round, soft and sweet balls have a high demand during Hindu festivals in India. Motichur means crushed pearls and this prasad recipe is an easy-to-prepare delicacy. Historically, Susruta, the father of Indian surgery has used laddoos as a medicine to treat patients. While the addition of sugar to the recipe gave it an irreplaceable part during happy occasions.

Try Motichur Laddoo at home – credits to “Raks Kitchen”

Mysore Pak – The Melting Royal Delicacy

Head to the Devraja Market in Mysuru and Guru Sweets sell the authentic Mysore Paks in India. Under the reign of Krishna Devaraya of Mysore, Kakkasura Madappa, the chief chef had prepared this royal delicacy. Krishnaraja Wadiyar IV did find a good name for the sweet – Royal Sweet Mysore Pak. An iconic dish of Mysore that melts your soul right away. A good Mysore Pak will take you for a smooth ride to the land of ghee.

Try Mysore Pak at home – credits to “Iam a Big Foodie”

Barfi – A Healthy Evening Fudge

Derived from the Persian word “Barf”, Barfi is a healthy snack choice and it means “snow”. Only that chef with a shoulder of steel and hand of iron can make this delicacy for everyone in the family. Slowly cooked milk is allowed to form a fudge. Dried coconut flakes and nuts like pistachios, almonds, and cashews are added to the milky fudge. In some places, even dried mangoes are added for extra sweetness, texture, and color.

Try Barfi at home – credits to “Nehas Cookhouse”

Rasmalai – The Delicious Bengal Delight

“Ras” means Juice and “Malai” means Cream. This is also a pride of Bengal and a famous delicacy of northern India. Apart from Kolkata, Kanpur and Haridwar are the best places in India to taste Rasmalai. Many foodies will find this dessert tasty for its beautiful texture and long-lasting taste.

Try Rasmalai at home – credits to “Rajshri Food”

Modak – The Sweet Festival Grenade

Lord Ganesha, the obstacles smashing God of charm will make homes busy during Ganesh Chathurthi. Out of all delicacies, Modak is an interesting and healthy snack option. The taste starts shifting from the first bite to the fourth or last bite due to the changing pudding density. A must-try snack in Maharashtra as it holds a lot of value in the Marathi region.

Try Modak at home – credits to “Hebbars Kitchen”

Halwa – The Slimy Candy Recipe

From Gajar ka Halwa to Tamil Nadu‘s Tirunelveli Halwa, the obsession over this slimy easy-to-consume sweet is understood. No crunching, munching, and slurping sound; just like that it gets in and tempts you to gobble even more. From the Arabic word “Hulw”, Halwa of India is born. It is believed to be originated from the kitchen of Suleiman The Magnificent – the ruler of the Ottoman Empire (1520 – 1566).

Try Banana Halwa at home – credits to Piyas Kitchen

Soan Papdi – The Union of Sweet Threads

This melting dish is an iconic delicacy of Gujarat. The labyrinths of layers present in Soan Papdi is usually unattended and devoured in manageable pieces. It is made of pulled sugar while equalling the quality of Pismaniye of Turkey. The robust and nutty taste of this finely articulated sweet is a must-try sweet dish of India.

Try Soan Papdi at home – credits to “Vahchef – VahRehVah”

We hope, you have enjoyed knowing about the lip-smacking melting dishes of India. Try a few at home and when traveling begins in full fledge, take on a culinary tour to India to enjoy the beautiful and delicious recipes in India. Plan a family trip to India in the coming year to relieve all the mindless burdens on your mind. Happy mindful Snacking!

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