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Shirdi, the dream destination for most of the spiritual seekers and a divine centre with stack of surprises for the global travellers. Shirdi has the astounding spiritual significance, being the abode of the saint Saibaba and lakhs of people believe him to be a man turned God making miracles in their lives. There have been lot of testimonies for the blessings of Saibaba devotees who have unstinted faith on him. The magnificent temple in Shirdi, situated in the Ahmedanagar of Maharashtra witnesses devotees round the year and you will be surprised to see the absence of religious or communal barriers amidst the crowd.


The devotees and the tourists are stunned looking at the huge statue of Shirdi Saibaba positioned in the worshiping hall. It is very impressing to move in the disciplined and calm line of devotees chanting only the name of Saibaba. There are bhajans, divine discourses and various other spiritual programmes conducted throughout the year besides the special festivals like Guru Purnima.


Shirdi, a spiritual centre, unlike the conventional shrines of India is a “Must To Be Visited” destination during your trip to India. We @ Indian Panorama transform your trip to Shirdi, a completely unforgettable experience!


Spiritual Tour aims at the journey of finding the inner self leading to the path of salvation. Plan a Rejuvenating journey with Indian Panorama to the Divine Shirdi and get abundant blessings of Sai Baba. Look out for more such Spiritual Tour Packages with Indian Panorama.

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