The Paschim Bardhaman district in West Bengal is primarily an urban mining and industrial area. The headquarters of the district is Asansol. It was formed on April 7, 2017 after the bifurcation of the erstwhile Bardhaman district as the 23rd district of West Bengal. The district contains some notable towns that any traveller would enjoy visiting, experiencing the beauty and culture of the place. Throughout the year, Paschim Bardhaman district sees a huge number of travellers and tourists, and it is easily accessible by different routes.

Paschim Bardhaman - City Guide

Paschim Bardhaman district has a rich historical and industrial heritage. The region was historically known for its coal mining and industrial activities, which contributed significantly to its economic development. However, in recent years, there has been a shift towards diversification, with the emergence of sectors like manufacturing, textiles, and services.

While Paschim Bardhaman district is primarily known for its industrial and commercial significance, it also offers some tourist attractions worth exploring, and they are Kalyaneshwari Temple is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Kalyaneshwari, located near Asansol. Joychandi Pahar is a scenic hill offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, located near Raghunathpur. Maithon Dam is a popular picnic spot and reservoir located on the Barakar River, known for its scenic beauty and boating facilities.

Paschim Bardhaman district, with its blend of industrial development, historical significance, and natural beauty, offers visitors a unique experience and contributes to the cultural and economic landscape of West Bengal.

Major Attractions:

Paschim Bardhaman district is home to a number of popular tourist destinations, including the Ghagar Buri Chandi Temple, the Kalyaneshwari Temple, Nehru Park, Bhabani Pathak's Tilla, Joychandi Pahal, Maithon Dam, and more. Visitors can explore and experience a vast assortment of historical, cultural, and natural landmarks in the region.

Climatic Condition:

The temperature during the summer is around 40 degrees, and the minimum in the winter is 5 degrees.

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit Paschim Bardhaman is in the winter (November – February), when the temperature is pleasant and temperate, making city exploration feasible.

How to reach

By Air : The nearest airport to Paschim Bardhaman is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata and you can take different forms of transportation or hire a taxi from the airport to get to Paschim Bardhaman.

By Train :Asansol Junction and Durgapur Railway Station are two of the main train stations in the city, and there are several train connections available in Paschim Bardhaman.

By Road :National highways connect major cities with Paschim Bardhaman, which has a well-developed road network.


1.Which regional foods are highly recommended for tasting in Paschim Bardhaman?

Bengali food, which includes rice, dal, and fish curry, as well as desserts like sandesh and rasgulla, is among the well-liked local fare of Paschim Bardhaman. Phuchka (pani puri) and rolls are popular street foods among tourists.

2.Does Paschim Bardhaman provide any adventure activities?

Absolutely, Paschim Bardhaman is a great place for adventure seekers to visit since it provides opportunities for adventure sports like rock climbing in Susunia Hills, boating in Maithon Dam, and trekking in Joychandi Pahar.

3.Does Paschim Bardhaman have any historical places or museums that one can visit?

Indeed, the Paschim Bardhaman district is home to a number of historical attractions, including the ruins of archaeological sites and Deul Park. Additionally, there are museums that highlight the rich cultural and historical legacy of the area, like the Meghnad Saha Planetarium in Bardhaman.

4.Are there any lodging choices in Paschim Bardhaman?

Yes, a variety of lodging alternatives are available in Paschim Bardhaman, including hotels, guesthouses, lodges, and resorts in Bardhaman, Asansol, and nearby tourist sites.

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