Sundarbans Forest

There’s something about a river long boat ride. As you waddle in a boat in the Sundarbans, the world’s largest mangrove forest, you will feel the depth of the forest that welcomes you on both sides of the river. This popular wildlife reserve is at nature’s best allowing a free environment for the wildlife to move about. This park is a well-established safe shelter for the Royal Bengal Tiger and many other species of animals.

Sundarbans - Forest - North East

Apart from the magnificent beasts, the Sundarbans is home to a variety of wild species like fishing cats, jungle cats, macaques, deer and wild boars. There are many vulnerable and endangered species that are housed in the Sundarbans. The only way you can spot these animals is by boating along the river.

Life in Sundarbans depends on the sea water which includes the vegetation and wildlife that thrive in it. There are some villages inside the forest and you can interact with the locals whose lifestyle revolved mainly around fishing. The life in the forest is dependent on the rise and fall in the tide.

As you glimpse most parts of the forest during your boat safari, you will understand that Sundarbans is all about its Tigers.

You might feel that something is watching you from the depths of the trees, maybe with the eyes of a hunter or a God. The tiger in this region is treated like an almighty, a survivor, the magnificent creation.

How to reach Sundarbans?

By air : The nearest airport is at Kolkata, the Dum Dum airport at a distance of 166 kilometers.

By rail :The nearest railway station is at Canning at a distance of 48 kilometers.

By road :Sundarbans is well connected by road from major cities and towns of the country.