Ancient landmarks can be found in the Howrah region, which has a rich historical legacy. The Howrah Bridge, a representation of the city's identity, and other historical sites that provide insights into its colonial past and cultural legacy are among the notable places that visitors can explore. The colourful fusion of Bengali, Hindi, and other regional influences makes Howrah a melting pot of cultures, languages, and traditions. Discover the many festivals and culinary traditions that represent the city's global culture and allow visitors to fully immerse themselves in its cultural tapestry.

Howrah - City Guide

Many temples, mosques, churches, and other places of worship that are sacred to devotees and travellers may be found in the district. Travelers can go on spiritual adventures, visiting hallowed places to receive blessings and taking in the peace of sacred areas. The Howrah district is endowed with picturesque settings, including parks, gardens, and promenades along rivers, where guests can unwind and rest in the midst of breath taking scenery. For those who enjoy the outdoors and taking photos, the Hooghly River and its waterfront neighbourhoods provide beautiful scenery and recreational activities.

Howrah has an amazing variety of dining options, such as street food specialties, international cuisine, and traditional Bengali cuisine. Eateries, markets, and restaurants in the area offer delicious regional cuisine that visitors can enjoy, bursting with distinct flavours.

Throughout Howrah, there are numerous lively bazaars, shopping malls, and marketplaces where tourists may purchase a range of products, such as textiles, handicrafts, and mementos. The lively street markets and retail areas provide a dynamic shopping experience that captures the essence of the bustling city. Travelers wishing to see the varied landscapes and cultural riches of West Bengal will find the Howrah region to be an enthralling destination since it provides a distinctive fusion of historical charm, cultural energy, industrial activity, and natural beauty.

Major Attractions:

West Bengal, India's Howrah district is home to a number of important attractions that highlight the region's natural beauty, historical significance, and rich cultural legacy. A few of the must-see sights in the Howrah area are the Howrah Bridge, Belur Math, Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Botanical Gardens, Vidyasagar Setu, Howrah Railway Station, Howrah Maidan, and other well-known places.

Climatic Condition:

The temperature during the summer is around 40 degrees and the minimum in the winter is 10 degrees.

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit Howrah is in the winter (December – February), when the temperature is pleasant and temperate, making city exploration feasible.

How to reach

By Air : The nearest airport to Howrah district is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata,and you can take different forms of transportation or hire a taxi from the airport to get to Howrah.

By Train :Howrah Junction Railway Station is one of the main train stations in the city, and there are several train connections available in Howrah.

By Road :National highways connect major cities with Howrah, which has a well-developed road network.


1.Which tourist destinations in the Howrah district are the most popular?

A few of the most popular tourist destinations in the Howrah area are Vidyasagar Setu, Belur Math, Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Botanical Gardens, and the famous Howrah Bridge.

2.Is there a well-known temple in the Howrah area?

Indeed, the Howrah area is home to a number of well-known temples, such as Hangseshwari Temple, Belur Math, and Dakshineswar Kali Temple. Devotees respect these temples, which draw tourists from all over the world.

3.Which Howrah district shopping destinations are the most well-liked ones?

The district's two most well-liked shopping locations are Howrah Municipal Market and Howrah AC Market, which provide a variety of products including apparel, accessories, electronics, and home goods.

4.Does the Howrah district have any parks or gardens for recreational purposes?

Yes, there are a number of parks and gardens in the Howrah area for recreation, such as the Botanical Gardens and Howrah Maidan, where people may unwind and rest in the midst of stunning scenery.

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