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The jewel of eastern India, and in our view the greatest and most appealing of all of India’s mega-cities is Kolkata. With only a fraction of the traffic chaos of Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai or Mumbai, more cultural life than any of them, fascinating sights and cleaner air, there is much to love about this much-maligned city. Not only does it offer history, fabulous manmade structures (the Victoria Memorial, or ‘Taj of the Raj’, defies proper description) and expansive public gardens, but there is almost no tourist-hassle- the people are very friendly but much too laid back to want to try and sell you anything!

Other regions of east India which are of note include Odisha- a tropical state immediately south of Kolkata, which is densely forested and still has a significant number of tribal enclaves in its southern hinterland- a fascinating destination.

East India - Tour Itineraries

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