Owning India's longest coastline, World's largest white desert - Great Rann of Kutch, India's first marine national park, more than 4,000 years old Harappan fortress, ancient Buddhist caves, and marvellous ancient temples, make Gujarat the "Jewel of the West".

Gujarat City Guide

Gujarat is also known for its fascinating handicrafts and handlooms trail. Being one of the unique and marvellous places in India, each corner of Gujarat has numerous stories to tell from the age - old Harappan civilization to the Mughal period.

If you wish for a pilgrimage tour, there is Somnath Temple, locally known as the ‘shrine eternal’, and the five - storied Dwarkadhish Temple that stands on 72 pillars, to make your trip the most blessed one. Apart from pilgrimage tourism, Gujarat also offers many opportunities for heritage tourism and eco - tourism.

It treats you with cascading waterfalls, lakes, stepwells, palaces, temples, forts, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Gujarat also has a golf course and an ayurvedic center to attract the tourists. The Gir National Park which is one of the largest habitats of the ferocious Asiatic Lions is one of the most visited places in Gujarat.

We assure that exploring the historical and cultural traditions, vibrant lifestyle, brilliant handicrafts, marvellous ancient temples, historical sites, spectacular beaches and authentic cuisines of Gujarat will make your journey the most memorable one.