With the world’s largest white desert, the majestic Asiatic lions, shore temples, Harappan citadels and a trail of more than 500 years old handloom/handicraft lineage, Gujarat is a land of wonders. Tradition, nature and heritage blend together in this western region of India making Gujarat the most desirable destination for tourists.

Palitana - Gujarat Modhera - India

Traditionally rooted in spirituality, India has a temple in every nook and corner, each one unique in its own way. Palitana, located in Gujarat is a land of temples and is praised for its 900 temples. These temples are dedicated to the Jain gods and is situated on the Shetrunjaya hill in Palitana. It is believed that the first Jain Trithankar, Sri Adinath meditated in the Shetrunjaya hill making it a pilgrim site for Jains who believe that this site should be visited once in the lifetime to attain Moksha.

The spectacular city of Palitana is located in the district of Bhavnagar. The Jain temples are constructed in a unique architectural style and appear as if made out of ivory as the sun hits the structure.

The idols in temple are made out of ivory and decorated by gold ornaments and precious jewels. These temples also have separate shrines for Yudhristhir, Bhima and Arjuna.

The temples have a unique architectural feature and the sculptures are made of intricate sculptural works. Covering all the 900 temples in a matter of a vacation is not enough but still you can visit the much famous Chaumukha temple. Apart from temples, Palitana is also home to a Jain Museum which showcases on ancient Jain religion and its history. If you are a vegan (or even if you are not), you can get to enjoy a delicious vegetarian meal that includes famous Gujarati foods.

How to reach Palitana ?

By air : The nearest airport is at Bhavnagar which is at a distance of 40 kilometers.

By rail :Palitana has its own railway station that connects with the major cities and towns of the state.

By road :With the state government providing a good mode of public transport, Palitana is well accessible by road from all places.