Buddhist caves

Buddhist caves

Gujarat is a rich treasure trove of cultural and traditional attributes that give you a glimpse of the past. Situated along the western part of India, Gujarat boasts a lot of ancient temples, caves, monuments and architectural wonders.

Buddhist caves - Gujarat - India

The remains of a wide hotspot of Buddhism has in recent years has been inviting tourists and Buddhist enthusiasts to the state.

Considered to be a pilgrim center, Gujarat is haunted by Buddhist monks, Hindus, Jains and scholars who come to seek notable knowledge on the ways of their ancestors. Some of the famous caves that talk about the ways of Buddhism are situated along the important cities in the state.

The best known caves of Buddhism are the Junagadh and the Gondal caves. They go back to the 3rd or the 4th century. The caves are carved out of rocks and were used as shelters for monks during the rainy season.

Over time, these caves were abandoned due to leakage of water. Junagdh is known for its historic monuments and religious significant it holds right from the reign of Emperor Ashoka. Many caves in and around Junagadh like the Ashokan rock edict, Matri, Intawa monastery, Sana caves and Mandor caves.

Another famous destination for Buddhist caves is located at Gondal. The Khambhalida caves situated in Gondal houses one of the most important religious sites of worship for the Buddhists. The caves and the monasteries in this region resembled residential places as they were built as a shelter for monks, scholars, students and travelers who come there to visit the monastery

Take a trip to Gujarat and marvel at the wonders of the caves which make for an amazing weekend getaway during your vacation in the state.

How to reach Buddhist caves?

By air : The nearest airport is at Rajkot where one can reach through direct flights from Mumbai.

By rail :Junagadh railway station is located close to the caves and connects well with the major cities of the state.

By road :The Buddhist caves are well connected by roads and you can reach any major city or town from the caves