Sun Temple

Sun Temple

The massive temple dedicated to the Sun God is situated at Modhera in Gujarat along the banks of the Pushpavati River. The temple was built by King Bhimdev who belonged to the Solanki dynasty. The magnificent temple stand tall with its grand structure.

Sun Temple - Gujarat Modhera - India

Despite the spires going out of shape many years ago, the decorated archways and the walls make the temple a popular hotspot among tourists. The brilliance of the architecture evades even that of modern day architecture style.

The temple is positioned in such a way that the first rays of the sun illuminated the temple and the sanctum of the deity. Every inch of the walls in the temple is covered by intricate sculptures of gods, goddess, beasts, flowers and birds.


If you are touring around Gujarat, Modhera makes for an amazing weekend getaway. The ancient ruins of the Sun temple will leave anyone cursing at the destroyers of the magnificent temple.

The minute architectural wonders sculpted all over the walls of the temple will show you the architectural skill of the ancient people. The tank at the front of the temple is a creation of marvel. Surrounded by hundreds of beautifully designed steps which are known to attract a lot of visitors, is surrounded by 10 idols.

You will notice that no corner or space is left in the temple which is not adorned by intricate architectural designs. The temple itself is divided into three parts, the Surya Kund which is the tank, the Sabha Mandap and the Guda Mandap. The Sabha Mandap is known for its marvelous designs of sculpture.

They depict the scenes from the Mahabharata and the life of Lord Krishna. If you have to get into the sanctum of the deity, you’ll cross these amazing work of art. The Guda Mandap is the sanctum which once used to house the idol of the deity but now it remains devoid of that marvel.

Plan a trip to Gujarat and indulge in one of the greatest works of ancient India at the Sun temple.

How to reach Sun Temple ?

By air : The nearest airport is the Ahmedabad international airport at a distance of 102 kilometers.

By rail :The Becharaji railway station is the nearest one with a distance of 16 kilometers.

By road :The ancient city of Modhera is well connected by government buses and you can also hire a cab to reach the place.