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North & South India Tour Itineraries

We recommend that our clients never try to see too much in too short a timeframe- to do any sort of justice to a combination of North and South India you really need a minimum of 3 weeks. Typically this would consist of 2 weeks in Delhi/Agra and Rajasthan (plus maybe Varanasi too) followed by a final week or so in Kerala as a total contrast. But there are many other ways we can structure a north-south combo trip depending on the time of year and your interests.

Air connectivity in India is improving all the time, meaning it’s now possible to contact an ever-increasing number of cities by direct flight which, not so long ago, might have taken a whole day. But that shouldn’t, we believe, entice you to spend all your time flying- India from ground level is infinitely more enjoyable than from 8000 metres in the air!

Here are a few tours which combine elements of both North and South India, but you can write to us for a customised itinerary at any time.

Golden Triangle - Wildlife Tour

Complete Tour - of India

North & South India Travel Information at a Glance

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