Tourist Attraction - Tamilnadu

Tamil Nadu which is located at the southernmost point of India,enthrals you with its colourful festivals, stunning architecture,culture,beautiful temples or beaches and so on which provide unforgettable travel experiences.

Explore stunning temples with rich Dravidian architecture and magnificent sculptures like Shora temple in Mahabalipuram,Brihadeeswara temple in Thanjavur and Meenakshi Amman temple in Madurai. The state has a wide spread of important Hindu pilgrimage sites and some popular pilgrimage destinations include Rameshwaram,Kanyakumari and Thiruvannamalai, where yatri Who can take part in spiritual activities and witness historical ceremonies.Tamil Nadu Besides temples, it is also famous for its and hill towns like Ooty etc. If you're making plans to visit Tamil Nadu,you need to visit these places and they may be ideal for a summer season getaway where you may loosen up and spend satisfactory time together with your family.

Numerous national parks and wildlife sanctuaries including Mudumalai National Park,Anamalai Tiger Reserve and Guindy National Park are located inside the state and the reserves provide chances for wildlife safaris,birdwatching and nature walks.Tamil Nadu's is an alluring tourism destination that appeals to a broad spectrum of tourists.

Would you like to spend your most precious holidays exploring the huge temple architecture, cruising in the translucent backwaters, and enjoying the spell-binding beauty of the centuries-old monuments? Enjoy everything at once with the handpicked tourist attractions listed on this page by Indian Panorama.