Thiruvalluvar Statue tamilnadu

Thiruvalluvar Statue

Behold the stunning 133 feet statue of Thiruvalluvar beaming with pride. The sculpture is meticulously done to the extent that each feet of the statue represent one chapter in Thirukkural. This art is submitted to the veteran Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar.

Thiruvalluvar Statue - Kanyakumari

Thiruvalluvar is an immortal poet of Tamil literature and is well known to have written Thirukural. A memorial statue has been built in commemoration of this great poet at Kanyakumari near Swami Vivekananda Memorial. Though the work for the construction in the late 70s, still the complete work was completed only in the year 2000 and was opened for public view from January 1st.

The total height from the pedestal to the head of the statue is about 133 foot, which represents the overall chapters in Thirukural and the statue alone is about 95 foot and stands on a pedestal of 38 foot, which represents the 38 sub - chapters of “Virtue” in the book. There are many sculptures carved on the pedestal and even a few verses from the book can also be seen.

The Thiruvalluvar Statue is in honour of the prolific Tamil poet and philosopher and it is one of the famous places in Kanyakumari. Thiruvalluvar is the author of the Thirukkural, a classic Tamil book on ethics, morality, and wisdom written by Thiruvalluvar. The statue is a pilgrimage site as well as a popular tourist destination since it symbolizes the worldwide message of the Tirukkural and the spiritual and cultural qualities of the Tamil people. A marvel of human knowledge, the Tirukkural imparts lessons on moral perfection and living virtuously. Kanyakumari is a city that boasts beautiful natural scenery in addition to its famous monuments.

The statue is not only a tourist attraction, but also a pilgrimage site, as it represents the spiritual and cultural values of the Tamil people, and the universal message of the Tirukkural.