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Theosophical Society

Chennai is the heart beat of Tamil Nadu. It can’t be tagged as one, as it has in it the modernity of Bombay, tradition of Kerala, spirit of Delhi and the style of Goa. Sun hits this land with lots of love and so all days here are sunny days.

Theosophical Society - Adyar

It also takes pride in having the world’s second largest beach and it is a perfect spot for a sojourn. There are good deals of tourist places in and around Chennai, which are worth a visit.

The theosophical society is headquartered in Adyar,Chennai.If you want to do research and explore philosophy and science,then you must visit a theosophical society. It was founded in 1875 by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky,Henry Steel Olcott and William Quan Judge.The word theosophy comes from Greek words meaning divine wisdom, and the organization aims for the fundamental spirituality and self-awareness that underlie all religions.Since its establishment,it has served as the society’s activities and the Adyar campus includes a library,lecture hall, and gardens.It's also the hub for theosophical studies and gatherings.

The Theosophical Society at Adayar in Chennai is a peaceful and green haven away from the congested city life. It is a beautiful spot which consists of a mosque, a church, a temple and a Buddhist shrine. There is also a huge library attached, which has specific books on religion and philosophy, and some of which are even as old as 1000 years. This place also consists of many variety trees and plants. A perfect place to spend some time in solitude!.

The Adyar Big Banyan Tree which is almost 450 years old, and its roots which span 60,000 square meters, are among the principal draws of the theosophical society. In keeping with society's goal of becoming a preeminent centre for spirituality,the Adyar Library and Research Centre has developed into one of the most important spiritual literature collections in the world today.Do visit to relax and connect with nature in a peaceful environment.