Marina Beach tamilnadu

Marina Beach

The city of Chennai is one of the most populated city in India. It is also the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Till 1996 the city was called Madras until the Indian Government changed it to Chennai but even still it is fondly referred to as Madras by the locals. This city is also where the world’s second largest beach is found, the Marina.

Marina Beach - Chennai

The Marina beach is located along the Bay of Bengal and stretches 6 kilometers in length making it the longest urban beach in India. It also houses a harbor and is situated at 20 kilometers from the Chennai International airport and 600 kilometers from Kerala.

The Marina is famed for its beauty, ambience and a variety of ecosystems. But since the 20th century this beach has become more polluted by plastics, human wastes and other non - biodegradable substances.

Recent measures by many voluntary organizations have taken the process to restore the beach to the way it was before and made the beach clean.

The Marina is one of the most visited places in South India by tourists and locals alike. Due to its scenic beauty people can go for a walk every morning enjoying the sunrise along the pavement near the shore. The beach is also located along the road where you can find the statues of famous Indian personalities which can be viewed during a walk or drive on the road.

The Marina is South India’s most prestigious landmark . There are many restaurants in the beach which offer food for a low price but you have to be careful of the shop you select to eat. Tourist attractions near the beach are the Santhome church, Vivekananda house, Sri Parthasarathy Temple and the Arulmigu Kapaleeswarar Temple.

So when you plan your schedule to visit South India do not forget to check out the marina beach.