Kalakshetra tamilnadu


Kalakshetra means “the centre for artistic endeavour”. This incredible school of varied art forms was established by the veteran lady Rukmani Devi Arundale in the year 1936. From that day on this centre of artistic values had served millions of vibrant students to gain the in - depth knowledge in art.

Kalakshetra - Chennai

This institution stands as a testimony to Rukmani Devi’s vision of providing holistic knowledge in art devoid of devoid of vulgarity and commercialism. Kalakshetra not only impart the knowledge of arts but also the great values of life. Hence why Kalakshetra stands as a peerless institution for arts in India.

This foundation sprawls across 100 acres of area beside the picturesque Chennai, seashore. In today’s scenario Kalakshetra acts as the vital centre for the study and performance of fine arts, envisioned and designed with the style and proportion of Indian aesthetics. Government of India has recognised Kalakshetra as an Institute of National Importance by an act of Indian Parliament in the year 1993.