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South Indian - Tourist Attractions - Narthamalai Hills - Tamil Nadu

Narthamalai Hills - Trichy - Tamil Nadu

Trichy Narthamalai is located at a distance of 25 Km from the city of Trichy.

The place is famous for a number of oldest structural stone temples constructed by Mutharaiyar.The Narthamalai Temple has 6 large dexterously engraved statues of Lord Vishnu installed in the central hall. The region is surrounded by nine small hillocks, Kottai - malai, Mela - malai, Kadambar - malai, Alurutti - malai, Paraiyan - malai, Man - malai, Bommadi - malai, Uvachchan - malai and Pon - malai. These hillocks contain Jaina Architectural remnants. A Pallava cave temple dated back to 9th century also lies to the South and is dedicated to Lord Shiva.


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