Girivalam Path tamilnadu

Girivalam Path

On festive days like Karthigai, Tamil New Year day, first day of the Tamil month and Full Moon days,thousands of disciples walk around the mountain (GIRIVALAM) to seek the Lord Arunachala blessings.

Girivalam is made up of two words, 'Giri' means hill & 'Valam' means coming around. It means coming around the hill, which is called Girivalam.

The Arunachala hill is surrounded by the holy Girivalam Path which is situated in Tiruvannamalai,Tamil Nadu. Arunachala is considered a manifestation of the Hindu god Shiva and holds great spiritual significance in Hinduism.Walked by pilgrims and devotees from all over the world,the walk circles the base of the Arunachala peak and is around 14 km.In spiritual circles,traveling the Girivalam Path is considered a kind of adoration. During the full moon days or new moon days and during the festivals dedicated to Lord Shiva,devotees often go out on this pilgrimage during fortunate seasons.

Apart from the Girivalam route, there are many holy places like temples and ashrams including the famous Sri Ramana Ashram which is associated with the well known Guru Sri Ramana Maharshi.Many pilgrims stop at these places for prayers and meditations about while traveling around Mount Arunachal. The peaceful and ethereal atmosphere around the holy mountain attracts not only devotees but also spiritual seekers to the Girivalam trail.For many who embark on the pilgrimage, it is thought to be a transformative experience greater than.

How to do Girivalam :

People performing this are advised to walk around the hill barefoot.The mountain covers approximately 14 Km of distance.

All through the Girivalam process, always view the top of the Arunachala hill.If possible, Girivalam should be started only in full moon nights or also in regular nights.During Girivalam, devotees should mumble “Om Arunachala”.