St.Mary’s Church tamilnadu

St.Mary’s Church

Savour the heavenly force as soon as your feet enter St. Mary's Church and was founded in 1679.Although this church is among the oldest in Chennai,it never seems to be.For a very long time,it has been the dwelling place of the Almighty and the chapel has a very classy,spiritual appearance.

St.Mary’s Church - Chennai

This church gained prominence as a place of worship for millions of followers after that day.Edward Fowle designed this church which is shaped like a rectangle with curved domes that give it an elegant look.

Polished lime and red bricks were used to construct the entire building.All generals met in this chapel during the English era and this was also where most festivities took place.This church is therefore referred to as the Eastern Westminster Abbey.

The church's interior design merits particular attention.Wooden carvings,dooms and elaborate glass work adorn the inside walls.Because the Virgin Mary's Annunciation Day fell on the day the church's foundation was laid, the name St. Mary was chosen for the institution.

St. Mary's Church is a popular tourist destination and this church's rich history allows tourists to experience Chennai's past. Since it is a well-known tourist attraction, getting there is simple from anywhere in Chennai. Buses travel frequently to and from Koyambedu and other central Chennai locations.