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Have you ever thought about your dream wedding to happen in a wonderland? A beautiful place where nature is at its best and so your whole union looks ethereal. You can have your sweet and cute romantic wedding with your loved one inside the pleasant landscapes of the Malabar region. Get the blessings of the highly revered gods in their own country – Kerala.

Fact 1: Cheramaan Juma Mosque is the OLDEST MOSQUE in Methala, Kodungallur Taluk of Thrissur, India (less than 55 km from Rainforest Athirapally)

Dream Wedding Near Bahubali Waterfalls

Join the war clouds of the Bahubali Kingdom showering its brave blessings in Athirapally waterfalls. Hold her hand amongst the thundering sounds of nature and make a powerful promise amidst happiness and happy faces.

A surreal place frequented by many artists for its enthralling character. Athirapally Waterfalls is a hotbed of numerous Indian romantic songs and scenes. Rajamouli took this waterfalls to new heights with Bahubali. With an iconic climb to the top after several tries, the protagonist almost recreates the Dark Knight Rises climb near Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur.

Fact 2: St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Church, Palayoor is the second oldest church in India (less than 5 km from Rainforest Athirapally)

Luxury Entwined in Luscious Nature

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Look at that frame. Imagine sipping coffee or tea in the morning with your soulmate. Of course! No luxury comes close to the time we give to our loved ones. But what if we could slow down a bit and make them think time flies when you’re with them? Nature always has a secret ingredient just like the Biryani of Dulquer Salman’s early flick Ustad Hotel. It cures depression, anxiety, haste, doubts, fear and all other unwanted traits that kill a happy union. Rainforest in Athirapally is one such beautiful destination for honeymooners and for any soul that wants to create a beautiful experience for its soulmate.

Look at the aesthetics of this Tree House where you get to embrace this world from a better angle. Everything is elite yet simple, just like Athirapally and its surrounding lustre; great for an outdoor pre-wedding and post-wedding photo shoot.

Fact 3: National Geographic listed Kerala as one of the 10 paradises in the world in its 1999 magazine edition. A remarkable feat.

Starting from low in the afternoon to high tea before the sunset, everything about Rainforest Athirapally oozes luxury in its pristine form. Every sip will be memorable as views become more enchanting while approaching sunset.

Indoor and Outdoor Experience

This is just gold. Look at this view where you get to see the plunging Athirapally from the comfort of your bathtub. A great way to relax without disturbances and turbulence of honking and hustle. When you’re ready for the day to unwind itself beautifully, doll up and go out.

Cycle happily through the dense areas of Athirapally and vent out your feelings and primal urge pedalling like a meticulous cyclist. Often, couples neglect the outdoor experience as they prefer a more private encounter. But Rainforest Athirapally elevates the experience by mixing up in the right proportions. Would you stay locked up even after seeing the amusing sight of Athirapally Waterfalls? It is a good idea to also schedule a wedding photoshoot near the waterfalls for its colours, texture, lighting, ambience, and overall aura.

Fact 4: Anamudi is called the Everest of South India as this peak in the Idukki district is located at height of 8133 ft.

Healthy Dining and Outdoor Pool

If you’ve known about Onam Festival, you would have come across this sumptuous and delicious meal Onam Sadhya. Packed with nutrients rich in proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and carbs, it is served as a feast to treat your taste buds right. Also, a meal served hot in the banana leaf will enhance the taste of the ingredients as well as providing health benefits.

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You can come out during the golden hours of the day to bask in the minimal light and swim in the outdoor pool. Being in water indoors is different from being able to express your gratitude for a beautiful day outside your private space. But this time you’re hidden from the world despite relaxing outdoors. A luxury that is not often available in many of the honeymoon resorts in India. So, if you wish to experience nature’s raw beauty without compromising your comfort, Rainforest Athirapally is a perfect choice.

Fact 5: Kochi stands as a pioneer, running its airport on solar energy – The world’s first Solar-powered Airport.

Nearby Attractions – Rainforest Athirapally

1. Vazhachal Waterfalls

2. Ezhattumugham

3. Illithode Eco Tourist Spot

4. Malakkapara Tea Estates

5. Silver Storm Water Theme Park

6. Kodanad Elephant Training Center

7. Muziris Lakeshore Park & Boating

8. Munakkal Beach

9. Muniyattukunnu Hillock

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