Yercaud is a hill station in the Salem District situated at 5000 ft above the sea level. Called as the Jewel of the South, Yercaud is a popular tourist destination attracting with its flora and fauna.Yercaud is at a distance of 28 km from the steel city Salem.Coffee, citrus fruits, oranges and bananas grow in abundance and this is also called as Lake Forest.

Yercaud - City Guide

The top of the hill is the Servarayan Temple which is at a height of 5300 ft. The tourist attractions in and around Yercaud are, the Botanical Garden called Yercaud Orchidarium, the Servarayan Temple, Kiliyur Falls, Yercaud Lake, Bears Cave, Lady Seat (the panoramic view of all the plantations can be enjoyed from here) and the Green House where the fruits and Flowers are cultivated in abundant.

For those who love trekking, Yercaud will be the right choice. You can travel into the Tipperary estate to enjoy the scenic beauty and the dramatic wonders of the hill station. Apart from this, a seven days festival is conducted every year which falls in the mid of May.

Thousands of devotees worship the God Servarayan and Goddess Kaveri during the festival. Tourists also enjoy the boat race, flower shows and exhibitions and village fairs conducted for seven days. See it to believe it. Yes, Yercaud is a place where you can enjoy all the scenic beauty only if you pay a visit to the place.

Best Time to Visit

is during the months of Oct to Jun. The winter season is Yarcaud to too cool. Other than that, summer and monsoon are moderated at Yarcaud. There are busses from Salem, Trichy, Coimbatore and Chennai. The nearest airport is at Trichy. Salem railway station is well connected to all parts of India and nearer to Yarcaud.