The city of temples and the administrative capital of the Kanchipuram District is the city Kanchipuram situated on the banks of the Veghavathy River.The city is 75 Km away from Chennai and is well connected to the other major cities in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka by the network of Highways.

Kanchipuram - City Guide

Kanchipuram is recognized as ‘Silk City’ or city of thousand temples. It was the power center of the Pallava Kingdom. As the Kings were patronizing the art and culture to a greater extent, Kanchipuram flourished with civilization and culture.

The economy of this district headquarters is mainly reliant on well - established handloom and tourism industry. Kanchipuram is also called as the Silk City for its world famous hand loomed silk sarees especially the wedding collections.

River : The Palar River is the most important river running throughout the district. Wells and tanks are the majorsources of irrigation over here.

Guide service : Tourist Guides well - versed and speaking different languages such as French, English, Italy, German and Spanish, require to be sent from state capital Chennai, depending upon on their availability.

Tourist Attractions of Kanchipuram
Kailasanathar Temple

It is 8th century temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This place of worship is remarkable for its sculptures and architecture. There are 58 small temples located around the main temple as multifaceted wall. This temple was made of sandstones.

Ekambareswarar Temple

This temple depicts one of the 5 elements known as Earth (Prithvi). It’s another ancient shrine of the city, which is also dedicated to Lord Siva. Inside the compound of the temple there is a 2500 - years - old mango tree which has four branches and each yields special varieties of mangoes.

Varadharaja Temple

This holy place is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is noted for its magnificent sculptures. It is one of the 108 holy Shri Vaishnavite shrines.

Kamakshiamman Temple

It is the most important temple dedicated to Goddess Kamakshi, the presiding deity. The temple is considered among the holy (Sakthi Piths) places in India. It is personally related with Sri Adi Sankaracharya.