The most sacred place for Hindus, the place where Lord Rama made a Linga out of sand and worshipped him. As Rama wanted to come out of the sin of killing Ravana, he chose this place to worship Lord Shiva. Rameshwaram is flooded with devotees all through the year from both North and South India. As there is a custom that people going to Kashi(Varanasi) should start and end their pilgrimage at Rameshwaram and so is the constant crowd.

Rameshwaram - City Guide

Rameshwaram is mentioned in the ancient epic of India, the Ramayana that only from here, Lord Rama built a bridge with the help of his monkey soldiers and thus He was able to reach SriLanka easily and brought back His Goddess Sita.

The city is situated on a beautiful island separated by a canal called Pamban from Sri Lanka. The island spreads across an area of 61.8 The major tourist and religious attraction of Rameshwaram is the Ramanatha Swamy Temple. The city and the temple derive their names from the incident of Lord Rama’s visit followed by his worship towards Lord Shiva.

The Ramanatha Swamy temple is a masterpiece of the Dravidian Temple Architecture. The tourists will be stunned at looking the very long corridors of the temple. Especially, the outer corridor is the longest in the world with beautiful sculptures symmetrically placed on either side of the corridor.

The other places of interest in Rameshwaram are, the Rama Sethu Bridge (Adam’s Bridge), Danushkodi Beach, the Ruined Church of Dhanushkodi, Pamban Bridge, Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge, the native house of the Former President of India, Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam.

Best Time to Visit:

Rameshwaram holy site is a must to visit place in India. The climate here is moderate throughout the year. Best time to visit Rameswaram is between the months of Jun to Jan.

Way to Reach :

Rameswaram can be easily reached through bus. There are lots of bus frequencies from cities like Madurai, Trichy, and Tuticorin. Rameswaram railway station is connected with all major cities of India. The nearest railway station is at Madurai