An easy 3 hour drive from Madurai, and perched high in the Palani Hills at over 2000 metres above sea level you’ll find Kodaikanal. Climbing gradually from the plains below the scenery becomes ever more lovely and the views once you reach Kodaikanal are spectacular.

Kodaikanal - City Guide

A very popular weekend escape for city dwellers from around Tamil Nadu and beyond, there are many scenic viewpoint in the hills around the town and the area is rich with flora and fauna.

Once every 12 years (there was a big flowering in 2018, so the next one is a long time off) the hills around Kodaikanal and elsewhere in Kerala and Tamil Nadu burst into life with the blossoming of Kurinji flowers which creates a sea of purple.A specialty in Kodaikanal is the delicious homemade chocolate which is available in many shops around the town. The Kodai Lake is a major attraction here and boating on the lake, or cycling the 4km around it, are popular pastimes.

Bryant Park is famous for its plant collection and annual flower show held in May. Just beyond the city centre there are some enchanting picnic spots, among them Pillar Rocks, Silver Cascade Falls, and Green Valley View.

Kodaikanal has thickly wooded slopes, well laid out walking paths through picturesque scenery, waterfalls and steep rock outcrops. Coakers Walk, just ½ km away from the Kodai town is popular for the views it offers.Another great spot to spend time is the Dolphin’s Nose- from here you’ll get a stunning bird’s eye view of the Kodai Hills and the surrounding landscape.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Kodaikanal is from September and October and from April to June, although the climate is lovely throughout the year in Kodaikanal, during these months the sky is clear and devoid of mist. Monsoon in Kodaikanal is from late June to early September. November to February is winter and temperatures can fail to rise above 10C.

Way To Reach

Kodaikanal can be easily reached through bus from Palani, Dindugal and Madurai. The best way to heed to Kodaikanal is going by car. There are trains from Madurai.