Wayanad, meaning ‘land of paddy fields; is located among the mountains of the Western Ghats in Northern Kerala.

Wayanad City Guide

One of the last areas of Kerala to be opened up to development, as recently as the mid 20th century this was still a fairly unexplored area. Rapid development in recent decades means it is no longer a ‘lost world’ but there are still many beautiful and secluded spots around Wayanad which will reveal themselves to the patient visitor.

Pockets of Wayanad are still inhabited by the original tribal inhabitants and the region has a greater level of original forest cover than any other part of Kerala. This makes it a haven for wildlife and a great place for trekking.

Situated at Edakkal is a cave system which is home to rock carvings believed to be the oldest in India And dating back around 6,000 years. There are many ancient temples in this area which are slowly being subsumed by the verdant jungle.

The small regional towns of Sultan Bathery and Kalpetta are both fascinating places to walk and explore. Two wildlife sanctuaries - Tholpetty and Wayanad - are accessible by jeep but the dense forest undergrowth makes wildlife sightings somewhat difficult. Treks of anything from a few hours to several days are possible in Wayanad. This area makes a perfect stopping point to break up the journey from Mysore in Karnataka to the coastal plains of northern Kerala below.

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