Athirapally kerala


The Thrissur District of Kerala is blessed with the Athirappilly waterfall, one of the best waterfalls in India. Formed over the Chalakudy River, near the Sholayar ranges, the waterfall has astonishing natural beauty and an extremely pleasurable atmosphere.

Specialty Of Athirapally

The forest area surrounding the waterfall accommodates diverse flora and fauna. The beautiful species of the Great Hornbill can be easily spotted. The 80-foot-high waterfall is a popular picnic spot, attracting tourists from all over the world. The tourists can climb to the top of the waterfall and enjoy some breath-taking views of the area. The roaring water of the waterfall sounds like music to the ears.

Athirapilly Falls is surrounded by dense forests with a variety of flora and fauna.The region is a photographer's and nature lover's paradise due to its lush vegetation, which includes woods that are both evergreen and semi-evergreen.An increasingly popular spot for Indian films and music videos to be filmed is Athirappilly Falls. Its extraordinary natural beauty and dramatic setting have drawn national attention from filmmakers, further enhancing its notoriety.

A well-liked tourist route in Kerala includes Athirappilly because of its proximity to other tourist destinations including Vazhachal Falls, Charpa Falls, and Thumboormuzhi Dam.

It is a must-go place for tourists looking for an unforgettable trip amid God's Own Country's breathtaking scenery.