Thrissur Pooram

Thrissur Pooram is an annual Hindu temple festival celebrated in Thrissur, Kerala, India. Held at the Vadakkunnathan Temple, it takes place in the Malayalam month of Medam, typically falling between April and May. It is renowned as the largest and most famous of all poorams in India, and one of the largest festivals in Asia, attracting over 1 million visitors annually.

Thrissur Pooram was the brainchild of Shakthan Thampuran, the Maharaja of Cochin after temples from Thrissur were denied participation in the Arattupuzha Pooram (the largest temple festival in Kerala before the start of Thrissur Pooram) in 1796 due to delays caused by incessant rains. To challenge this ban, Thrissur Pooram was initiated as a mass festival on the Pooram day in May of the same year. Shakthan Thampuran invited temples to pay homage to Vadakkunnathan, and ordained them into two groups: "Paramekkavu side" and "Thiruvambady side".

Thrissur Pooram begins with the flag hoisting ceremony, followed by Poora Vilambaram where an elephant pushes open the temple gate. The festival features a vibrant display of caparisons and a grand procession of elephants. The main event, known as the Pooram, starts with a melodic performance called "Madathil varavu." The captivating Kudamattom ceremony follows, where the Paramekkavu and Thiruvambadi groups exchange colourful umbrellas atop elephants. The "Ilanjithara Melam," where percussion artists gather to perform traditional Kerala music, is truly a remarkable spectacle that should not be missed. The festival concludes with spectacular fireworks displays, including a main round held in the early morning. On the last day, a farewell ceremony known as Upacharam Cholli Piriyal held at Swaraj Round marks the end of the celebrations. The Thrissur Pooram culminates with a fireworks display known as Pakal Vedikkettu.

Specialty of Festival:

The specialty of Thrissur Pooram lies in its grandeur and cultural significance, showcasing a vibrant display of decorated elephants, traditional music performances like the Panchavadyam and Ilanjithara Melam, and spectacular fireworks.

Month of Festival:

Thrissur Pooram is celebrated in the Malayalam month of Medam, which falls between April and May.

How to reach?

By Air : Cochin International Airport is the nearest airport, 52.9 Km away from Thrissur Vadakkunnathan Temple.

By Train :Thrissur Railway Station is the nearest railway station, 2.4 Km away from Thrissur Vadakkunnathan Temple.

By Road :Thrissur Vadakkunnathan Temple is easily accessible by road. You can choose private transportation, take a bus, or hire a cab to reach Thripunithura.


1.When is Thrissur Pooram celebrated?

Thrissur Pooram is usually celebrated every year in the Malayalam month of Medam, which falls between April and May.

2.Where is Thrissur Pooram Held?

Thrissur Pooram is held annually at the Vadakkunnathan (Shiva) Temple in Thrissur, Kerala.

3.What are the main attractions of Thrissur Pooram?

The grand procession of decorated elephants, the colourful Kudamattom ceremony, the captivating Panchavadyam Melam, the enchanting Ilanjithara Melam, and the mesmerizing fireworks displays are the main attractions of Thrissur Pooram.