Guided nature walk in the company of a trained tribal guide is an unforgettable experience at Periyar National Park in Kerala. The walk is organized twice a day – early in the morning and afternoon. The trail covered along the scenic Periyar Lake is of length from 4 to 5 kms and the duration for the walk is about 3 hours.

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The number of tourists accompanying one guide is usually limited to 5. The walk provides the opportunity to explore small wildlife species, along with birds and butterflies. Walk through evergreen and deciduous forests, exploring the features like swamps and grasslands.

Malabar flying squirrels are among the most commonly spotted species of animals on these treks. Nilgiri langurs are also common and you can watch them engaged in their routine activities.

The trek also allows the tourists to come across a huge variety of herbs, especially those grown near to the lake. It is indeed entrancing to watch beautiful flowers and smell their arousing aroma.The accompanying guide provides good information about various attractions coming on the way. It is suggested to wear the right type of walking shoes to enjoy the trek completely. Bottles containing drinking water can be taken along.

You may also think of taking sunshades and sun glasses. The guests are required to report at the designated point at least half an hour in advance of the tour’s start time. Periyar National Park is one of the few in India that offers guided tour opportunities.

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