The city that welcomed the spice traders of Jewish, Chinese, Dutch and Portuguese origins more than 500 years ago, the city of Calicut in Kerala still retains the charm of being a popular port. Today, the city is called Kozhikode and enjoys popular titles like 'Jewel of the Malabar’ and ‘City of Spices’.

Calicut City Guide

Kozhikode Beach has been a witness to many historical events and is a wonderful place to spend quality moments. Rundown piers and centuries old lighthouses add to the majestic appeal of the beach. Another beach called Kappad Beach, where Vasco Da Gama landed way back in 1498, is also a beautiful place to be at the city has many waterfalls that attract the tourists.

Kozhippara Waterfalls offer breathtaking views and opportunities for activities like rock climbing and trekking. Kakkayam also has a series of waterfalls with many enjoyable adventure activities. Dolphin’s Point is an exciting spot for the tourists who wish to watch the playful dolphins during early morning hours. Those interested in fun - filled boating can enjoy the activity at Canoly Canal.

Boating can also be enjoyed at Kallai River and Kadalundi, which also accommodates a bird sanctuary. The city also has many museums and art galleries. Kirtads Museum is dedicated to the ancient Kerala tribes, showcasing their tools and weapons. Pazhassiraja Museum is popular for its exhibits in the form of coins, antiques, mural paintings and monuments.

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Tali Shiva Temple and Bhagavathy Temple are other amazing attractions in the city. Sarovaram Bio park can be visited to explore a variety of spice and other plantations and different varieties of birds.