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So, is India safe from Coronavirus? Yes, and the healthcare system of India is super vigilant, quick to react, monitoring international airports, and keeping everything in check.

Summer is coming!

Yes! India is a tropical nation and a virus that has caused nil casualties when compared with viruses like Nipah shouldn’t be feared at all. A virus transcending to many geographical locations will die due to intolerable conditions. As summer is approaching in tropical South Asian countries like India, Novel Corona will be shooed away in a matter of weeks. This is not the world that faced the plague, we are living in a super-advanced age and terminating the outbreak of a virus is a cakewalk.

More than the Coronavirus, fake news about this virus is frightening!

At times of crisis and confusion, seek not only your magnifying lens but put on your logical shoes, open your intellectual eyes, and broaden your positive outlook. If a virus could get more attention than thousands dying due to terrorism and racism in the middle-east countries, we need to recheck our thinking arsenal. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) explains it clearly that the epicentre of the virus outbreak Wuhan of China if controlled, the spread of the virus will be cut off! Only the countries with weak healthcare systems need to worry about the Novel Coronavirus and a country like India won’t have to break a sweat about it. The chief of WHO asks the world of healthcare systems to “invest in preparedness, not panic”.

Check our happy clients exploring Kerala, Karnataka, and South India. They are enjoying the trip with much ease and comfort without any restrictions on travel.

What travellers coming to India should know about the Wuhan Coronavirus?

As mentioned earlier, this novel Coronavirus may cause respiratory problems in the winter but when the skies become clear and temperature increases, Coronavirus has no chance of spreading any further. Particularly, Indian summers are enough vaccines to trash Coronavirus and the further outbreak of fake news. And so, don’t panic if you want to cancel your trip to China due to the fear of Coronavirus, India is a good alternative to fix your family vacation. You can explore China a little later after normalcy is announced elsewhere in the Dragon Kingdom. 

Wash your hands frequently before taking a meal and maintain good hygiene

When it comes to inbound tourism, Rajesh Mudgill, Secretary, Indian Association of Tour Operators, mentioned that “the association has not seen any decline, and no apprehension in this regard has been noticed by any tour operator.” The global wave of Novel Corona Virus Disease (nCoV) will end soon all around the world. Already! There is enough screening done at International Airports in India for travellers coming from China. The amount of agile travel risk assessment methodologies set up in India is enough to settle things for travellers. There are cautious measures put up everywhere across India to monitor international travellers. However, basic precautions like keeping your hands clean, sneezing into elbows, avoiding close contact with people and wild animals, and not eating at unhygienic places should be followed. This is not just for (2019-nCoV) but for your everyday safety and cleanliness. 

5 points to remember about News on Coronavirus

  1. Don’t spread misleading information without proper evidence 
  2. Stop spreading racistic comments about China and if you can find a way to help Wuhan recover from the virus attack.
  3. India is absolutely safe to travel and there is no need to change your plans. 
  4. We will keep you updated about a state in India you are travelling and you’ll share your incredible experience in exploring this country.
  5. Coronavirus will die a natural death as India is a tropical country and the sun is going to shine brighter than novel corona.

RIP Coronavirus.

Yours Deadly,

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  1. Michael Mulvey says:

    In all of our many visits to India Indian Panorama organised the best tour that we have had in any of the many countries that we have visited over the last 40 plus years . Our contact (Tim) our driver (Mohan) were incredible as was every person that we met that was employed by this travel company. As a business traveller for many years , staying in some amazing hotels , I confess to being a real fusspot when it comes to where I sleep. In the major Indian cities there amazing hotels and food , Former palaces , Royal residences and modern hotels . Outside the cities there are still some amazing places stay but if something did not quite “Fit” it was solved within a few minutes. We are planning another major trip to India and would not use any other company for this. Sadly Corona Virus is really messing with world travel this year and costing many lives . We can only hope and pray that excellent companies like Indian Panorama survive and thrive this horrendous outbreak . Borders and visa offices are closing is going to make things difficult foe everyone in the foreseeable future .

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