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Indian Peninsula is surrounded by the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, giving us a number of beautiful beaches and sandy shores. The coastal lines of India have been so popular since the historic ages for their significance in international trading and magnificent ships used for the exchange of cultural and commercial values among the countries even far off.

Over the years, India has laid a strong workforce along the sea borders to protect the country as well. At this juncture, recommending eight of the beaches for Blue Label Certification on the International Coastal Clean-Up Day has drawn universal attention, which is an open call to the naturalists, environmentalists and tourists from across the globe to explore the elite beaches in the coming days.

Cleanest beaches are indeed a positive sign of an eco-friendly environment around. The ecosystem which we live in is well knotted with a number of factors, getting reflected in the cleanliness of a beach and the quality of aquatic lives.

Though India has hundreds of beaches to name in a row, the following eight are the most cleanest beaches identified and recommended by Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) on Friday.

The eight beaches are Shivrajpur in Gujarat, Ghoghla in Daman & Diu, Kasarkod and Padubidri beach in Karnataka, Kappad in Kerala, Rushikonda in Andhra Pradesh, Golden beach of Odisha and Radhanagar beach in Andaman and Nicobar.


Now, shall we have a closer look at the 8 Indian beaches recommended for Blue Flag certification?


Shivrajpur Beach – Gujarat

Aerial view of Shivrajpur Beach in Gujarat

Located near the religiously significant Dwarka City, Shivrajpur Beach is one of the cleanest beaches in India with clear water and white sand. A less explored destination to spend a weekend peacefully. The rocky shorelines beautify the ambience. It is synonymous to heaven for those love to stay from the hustle-bustle of the city.


Ghoghla Beach – Daman & Diu

young adventurous people doing parasailing in the Ghoghla beach in Daman & Diu

Most scenic attraction of Diu, Ghoghla Beach is situated to the north of Diu, attracts tourists round with its tranquil ambience, cleanest shores and complete amenities. Parasailing, surfing and banana boat are the popular water sporting activities offered here.


Padubidri and Kasarkod Beach – Karnataka

Two beaches from the same state have been recommended for Blue Flag Certification. Cleanest beaches, standard amenities, water sporting activities make this beach a wonderful place to explore and enjoy.

A beautiful view of Padubidri beach in Karnataka.

Closely guarded by dense row casuarina trees, Kasarkod Beach and Padubidri Beach in Karnataka is having the cleanest environment with white sand and scattered group of visitors. The large 100 acres park which has got transformed into a beautiful beach is quite tranquil to stay aloof and enjoy the beauty of nature.


Kappad Beach – Kerala

A stunning view of Kappad beach in Calicut, Kerala with coconut trees on the other side of the beach.

Called locally as Kappakadavu, the beautiful Kappad beach is located in Kozhikode, Kerala. Kappad was once the gateway for the European merchants, which will be ideal for those historically inclined. The wider and longer shores, rocks and hillocks project a more pleasing experience to the beach lovers and photo fanatics.


Rushikonda Beach – Andhra Pradesh

An early morning view of Rushikonda Beach located in Visakhapatnam on the coast of Bay of Bengal

The pristine sandy beaches in Vizag of Andhra Pradesh attracting locals and tourists alike. Swimming, water skiing and windsurfing are the popular water sporting activities offered in Rushikonda Beach amidst the scenic ambience all the sides, enjoyed by a number of tourists from all parts of the country and beyond.


Golden Beach – Odisha

Puri beach at the time of Sunset.

Odisha, known for wonderful touristic destinations has a highlighted location called Golden Beach, recommended for Blue Flag Certifications. Also known as Puri Beach, visited by pilgrims worshipping at Puri Jagannath temple. The grand Marine Drive road running parallel to the beach is ideal for long walks with your loved ones. The view of Puri temple and the beach is quite scenic from top of the lighthouse in Golden Beach.


Radhanagar Beach – Andaman & Nicobar

A beautiful view of Radhanagar beach in Havelock Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands with trees, bench and a hut for a relaxing beach view.

One of the most spectacular beaches in Andaman, the most scenic group of islands flocked by global travellers. Lookout and as long as your eyes can see, there is soft white sand, Radhanagar beach is with emerald blue waters combined with blue sky tempting everyone goes for a dip, almost immediately.


Beaches give you the immense sense of happiness with their untired never-ending tides, unending expanse of blue waters and sandy shores. India has stepped into the right path, bringing about the cleanest beaches into the global arena.


The uninterrupted tides give us the greatest of all lessons, “Never Give Up”!


Plan to visit these cleanest beaches in India after this pandemic.


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