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It is 17 km distance from Chidambaram (one way). Pichavaram is one of the unique Eco-tourism spots in South India. It is the second largest Mangrove forest in the world, near the temple town of Chidambaram. The area is about 2800 acres and is separated from the sea by a sand bar which is a patch of extraordinary loveliness.


Pichavaram mangrove forest is located between two prominent estuaries, the Vellar estuary in the north and Coleroon estuary in the south. The Vellar – Coleroon estuarine complex forms the Killai backwater and Pichavaram mangroves. The backwaters, interconnected by the Vellar and Coleroon river systems, offer abundant scope for water sports such as rowing, kayaking and canoeing. The Pichavaram forest not only offers waterscape and backwater cruises, but also another very rare sight – the mangrove forest trees are permanently rooted in a few feet of water.


Best time to see Birds.The season for birds is from September to April every year. Peak population of birds could be seen from November to January


Activities: Boat ride and Bird watching. Best time for watching the birds is 6 to 8 AM and 5 to 6 PM.


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