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The dream-like landscapes of Ladakh will leave you spellbound for the rest of your life. This heavenly paradise with the ever-enduring ambiance is a feast for our senses. The snow Cladded Mountains, colorful bright monasteries, panoramic view, milky water streams, vibrant culture and whatnot. Apart from the eye-catching scenery, Ladakh flaunts some of the most colorful feast and festivals which are a great sight to behold.




  • About the Festival
  • Highlights of Ladakh Festival
  • Month of Celebration
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About the Festival:


Ladakh festival is one of the most popular festivals celebrated at various parts of Ladakh. This festival brings out the cultural diversity among the people and celebrates its beauty. People flaunt their rich tradition and unique culture through various forms of arts including dance, music and street plays.


During this festival, the whole Ladakh is draped in large traditional robes. This festival is the perfect time for tourist to relish the Colors of Ladakh and its vibrant culture. Through this festival, the tourists can learn and experience the Ladakhi culture and their lifestyle.


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Highlights of Ladakh festival:


This festival lasts for about two weeks and draws visitors from all over India and overseas. The polo ground at Leh is full of life and serves as a great place to witness the real fever of this Ladakh festival. During this festival, numerous sports activities are organised to encourage young talents and also to entertain the curious mob. There would be archery contest, polo matches, costume and mask dance, crafts exhibition, savoury food stalls.


The festival begins with the procession that consists of people wearing their traditional attires and representing various troops of Ladakh. The procession starts from Leh and passes through the busy market street accompanied with traditional tunes of the band. And finally, the procession ends at the Polo ground at Leh. To witness this grand colorful procession people from various parts throng at Leh. The zeal and enthusiasm are maintained throughout the festive and that makes this festival very adorable. Masked dance from different monasteries is the highlight of Ladakh festival.


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The month of celebration:


Ladakh festival is a must-experience festival in Ladakh. This festival is celebrated every September. And this year it is going to be held from Wednesday 25 September to Saturday 28 September.


Getting here:



The nearest airport is Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport located in Leh operates flights to major cities like Delhi and Mumbai. From Leh, Hermis monastery is located at a distance of 12 kilometres.



The nearest railway station to Leh is the Jammu Tawi railway station, which is located at the distance of 712 km from Ladakh.



From Ladakh, there are buses to Leh. Surplus cabs are available from Ladakh to Leh. The best option is to hire a cab from Ladakh.


Travel brings harmony, peace and deeper insight. Travel as much as you can and unveil the enchanting beauty of this incredible world. Make your trip to Ladakh for this festive season with Indian Panorama and have an unforgettable vacation by experiencing the colorful culture of Ladakh. 


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