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The world of travellers what a Golden Triangle Tour means to them. What is the Golden Triangle? It is nothing but a beautiful trip covering three states of North India. Rajasthan, Delhi, and Agra of Uttar Pradesh are always under the international explorer’s radar after Tamil Nadu in South India. When we narrow down further to the capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur which is UNESCO city now, Amber Palace or Amer Fort is an ingot of ineffable architecture beautified by time. Less than an hour from Jaipur International Airport, Amer Fort is the erstwhile location of the Kachchwa Clan in Amer. Amber Fort rests on the Chilon Ka Teela, which means the ‘hills on which eagles live’. Initially built by Meenas in the 10th century, it was made into an exquisite grand fortress by Raja Man Singh and Raja Jai Singh. There is a way to explore a place like Rajasthan – The Royal Way which is by travelling in Maharaja Express with your charming soulmate or your family and history-loving friends. 

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The Most Beautiful Fortress in India

Made of pink and pale yellow sandstone along with white marbles, Amer fort has one of the largest and longest fort walls in the world. As we all know, Kumbalgarh Fort’s wall is the second-longest in the world after the Great Wall of China. Situated in Amer which is a place of more than 350 temples, it is believed that Amer Fort got its name from Ambikeshwar, Lord Shiva Temple.

Amer Fort has four main sections each with its own courtyard. An elephant ride to the fort is like reliving history but you can stride or take your four-wheeler too. You’ll enter through the CHAND POL (The Moon Gate) which was used by the Royal family while SURAJ POL (The Sun Gate) was used by the commoners. Collect tickets for car drive opposite to the Suraj Pol. Join us in this photoblog and discover the beauty of Amber Palace before your visit. Take a short tour with Indian Panorama as you read this brief blog packed with information about Amer Fort.

Jalebi Chowk – The First Stop at Amer Fort

Once this place was used by the army of soldiers to gather and display the public the conquered and confiscated valuables from war. It was once surrounded by horse stables but it is now full of souvenirs and it overlooks the main courtyard. The women of those times would make a quick glimpse of the admirable goods from the veiled and latticed windows. An effort to grow saffron has been made in this area while Bali Sthala for animal sacrifice is near this place in Amber Palace.

Shila Devi Temple – Prayer before War

Once you start climbing the main palace, the immediate right will take you to the Siladevi Temple containing the beautiful raised works and silver doorways. The presiding Goddess is Kali or Shakthi and legend says that a warrior would pray this mighty Goddess before getting into the battlefield.

Diwan-e-am – The Hall of Public Audience

With its highly defined lattice galleries to ornated arches, this whole structure was once used by the kings to hear complaints from the commoners. Public announcements had happened in this pristine arena. The elephant capital is the most beautiful thing to notice inside Diwan-e-am.

Ganesh Pol – The Royal Entrance to Hedonism

After the first and second courtyard, the courtyard of Maharaja is entered via the most beautiful and intricately worked complex in Amer Fort, Ganesh Pol. The most famous frescoes on the entrance, a mural of Lord Ganesh, and floral motifs with heavily detailed honey-comb lattices is where privacy begins. A welcome doorway to the pursuit of pleasure.

Jai Mandir – The Hall of Victory

Constructed by Mirza Raja Jai Singh I, the marble pavilions and double floored structure overlook the third courtyard. Diwan-i-Khas, Jas Mandir, and Sheesh Mahal are the three sections of this beautiful complex inside Amer Fort. The delicate and quirky panels of this hall are flooded with detailings like mythical flowers and strange insects.

Sheesh Mahal – Rendezvous Hall of the Royals

As the palace of the winds, Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, this is the palace of mirrors. A regular meeting point of the kings, ministers, and regal guests. The innovative architecture of using mirrors at the right places to illuminate the room after dusk is a living example for today’s architects. An interesting pillar here with a magical flower holds a cobra, a fish, a lion, an elephant, a corn cob, and a scorpion within itself. You need to place your at the right places to discover all those reptiles, insects, and animals. As we said earlier, you need a guide or far now try your luck (picture of the magical flower at the bottom!).

Sukh Niwas – The Private Hall of Pleasure

The place of luxurious components, from ivory-emblazoned sandalwood doors stimulating olfactory senses to channels that carry cool water throughout the entire happiness arena, the hall of pleasure was built with precision. Once thrived as a haven for hedonists, the blue shaded motifs of this private royal arena is a favourite spot in Amer Fort for travellers.

Zenana – The Clandestine Women Quarters

Welcome to the fourth and most surreptious courtyard of all – Zenana. The promiscuous characteristics of the kings are written all over the women quarters of Amber Palace. The king’s idea behind this architecture was to engage in privacy in total secrecy without other wives and concubines knowing about his whereabouts. It can be considered as a puzzle and maze game where the king always wins. Seems a bit odd still the wall murals make your visit here worth the time.

Light and Sound Show near Maota Lake

Learn about the history of Jaipur and Amber Palace in the light and sound show which is one of the best light and sound shows in India. The combination of Bollywood style and Folklore music complements the growing colour of the Jaipur city in the backdrop and Maota lake at the bottom reflecting the same in total joy.

Hope you zoom and find at least three creatures. comment below what you found in this “magical flower” pillar picture.

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