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In India, women were never considered as a workforce, rather they were restricted within the 4 walls of their household. However things have changed now and women have moved on par with men in all aspects of life. They are everywhere and even prove to be better than men. Lately women entered the hospitality and tourism industry as well. They are breaking the stereotypes that women cannot drive and that they do not have any role in this industry. In India, there are many women who are jobless and find it difficult to make their ends meet on a daily basis. The travel industry definitely come for aid in this case. Women drivers have entered the scene.


In the travel service industry the safety and coziness of the traveller is of paramount importance. A woman would feel more secure and comfortable when they are driven by another woman, especially when they are traveling in an unknown city far away from home. Now the entry of lady Chauffeurs would please all women travellers and help them to travel fearless and with ease. Even during night time, they could drive around and hang out and enjoy every minute of their trip. We know women are always more cautious and patient than men, which is the most crucial aspect of the hospitality and tourism industry. Unlike men, who take credit for likely 80% of the road accidents, ladies are more conscious about safe driving and their basic instincts always helps in that regard.


There is a myth, travelling is not safe for Women in India. It is just another media jargon, nothing else. There are certain things to keep in mind for sure, but India is completely safe. Always choose trusted travel operators and rest they will take care. You may sit back and enjoy your trip you paid for. And finally, with women chauffeurs on your fingertips, travel has never been this safe for women.

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