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Global healthcare bodies like WHO and other economically developed countries thought, India, with its 1.3 billion population, would suffer a massive setback in terms of health and economy. But India is doing better than most of the well-developed nations. How India is coping up with the global pandemic without losing hope? Take a look at these eight essential points to understand why India is ahead of the game. Say Namaste! Stay home and stay safe, the beautiful human beings of this planet. For travelers, this is a challenging time for us, but “Our Time Will Come” and this world will see what real fun means. Keep up the racing DNA travelers! we’ll unleash soon. So what has India got that is saving them from big-time trouble?

Exposure to Unhygienic Conditions

The Hygiene Hypothesis was initially a big shock to 90’s German researcher, Dr. Erika Von Mutius, who studied the allergies of the children in West and East Germany. To her surprise, children who grew up in East Germany with more polluted conditions had lesser problems of Asthma and other respiratory infections than their Western counterparts. Furthermore, her research identified children of developing countries to be more immune to diseases than the developed countries. An exact phenomenon is happening all over India and a significant reason for the lesser spread of the disease. It means parents should encourage their kids to get some sunlight and do some gardening work. The idea is to stay close with nature and get our body ready to manage certain microorganisms in the best possible way. So that soil may not look foreign all of a sudden. More outdoor sports than indoor games works!

Immune System Boosting Spices

According to KAY BEE Exports CEO, the export of raw turmeric from India has seen a massive spike of 300% in recent months. Especially, Germany and the UK are after the incredible immunity booster – Turmeric. While turmeric may pose as an exotic anti-inflammatory drug to westerners, this robust spice home to India is an everyday ingredient in the Indian kitchens. South Indians use turmeric in hot milk to clear congestion during cold. A proactive remedy to phlegm elimination and detoxification of the human body when consumed along with pepper. Pepper is the black gold of India, which has played a vital role in preserving the healthy immune system of Indians.

Genetic Advantage than the Northern Hemisphere

The environment and food habits for generations have made the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle easy for the Indians. The amount of medicinal science available in India like Ayurveda and Siddha has mainly contributed to the strong gene characteristics of India. David Reich and the team once studied the gene makeup of India. They had found the amount of genetic diversity in India was up to four times more than that what they had witnessed in Europe. The more complex gene behavior, the more difficult it is for a foreign body to enter.

Tropical Climatic Conditions of India

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who have analyzed the spread of Coronavirus in the southern hemisphere and northern hemisphere have come up with a conclusion that tropical countries are safer than colder countries. The statement of Hongkong University Pathology Professor John Nicholls was “In cold environments, there is longer virus survival than warm ones.” His team of experts also concluded that the COVID-19 virus is highly sensitive to higher temperatures. Although it is debatable, the spread of the virus in India has been lesser compared to other countries with colder temperatures.

Pre-Exposure to Deadly Diseases

As Indians are already exposed to diseases like Tuberculosis, Nipah Virus, Malaria, Dengue, and Cholera, there is a natural immune system advancement. This is crucial to battle diseases like COVID-19. The importance of chloroQuine and HydroxyChloraQuine at this time should have known to the world by now. Even, the US President Donald Trump approached India for HydroxyChloroQuine. What was given as a vaccine to cure Malaria is now globally expected to treat Coronavirus too.

Nationwide Lockdown in India for 40 Days

India, the second-largest democracy in the world has been under lockdown since March 24, 2020. Narendra Modi, the PM of India announced a nationwide lockdown on March 24th, 2020 8.00 pm. A 21-day lockdown up to April 14th, 2020. Today morning at 10.00 am PM Modi announced the extension of lockdown till May 3, 2020. Since the positive cases in India will reach plateau only when this lockdown is extended. As a nation, it is difficult to contain 1.3 billion people confined to their homes. Still, people have started to understand the seriousness of the situation and have opted to work along with the government. India will be back soon, cleaner and absolutely fresh for the world of travelers!

BCG Vaccine – The Gratifying Game Changer

Bacillus Calmette-Guerin or BCG vaccine is a highly competent fighter against Tuberculosis has played a more significant part in saving millions of lives in countries like India. Countries without Universal BCG policies like Italy, the USA, and the Netherlands have suffered a lot due to the Coronavirus. Gonzalo Otazu, assistant professor of biomedical sciences at NYIT has confirmed this useful information. BCG Vaccine is a part of India’s Universal Immunization Programme, which is offered to every Indian child at birth or soon after their birth. This small ray of hope now was introduced in India in the year 1948 soon after Independence. A great tool for India to capitalize on this dangerous situation and overcome this victorious.

Vigilant Healthcare System in India

Is the healthcare system of the world’s largest economy efficient against the novel coronavirus? Are Indians conducting enough tests against the fearful pandemic? Yes! States are following up with the central government and police officials are keeping up with government orders. From advising people to stay indoors to arranging food stations, increasing testing in hospitals, converting trains into first-aid beds, helping people maintain social distance in marketplaces for essentials, and aiding the recovery of patients from Corona, the healthcare system of India is super vigilant at this time of crisis. The plans to combine Ayurveda and Siddha with Allopathy is also proving to be helpful against the spread and treatment of the novel coronavirus. India will win COVID-19 and this article is a tribute to all the doctors who are working tirelessly to save this country. The real Batman, Wonderwoman, Ironman, and Captain Marvel of these countries are the police officials and healthcare professionals. Salute to their service!

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