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There is no introduction needed to the Taj Mahal. Perhaps the most iconic monument in the whole World, it keeps on mesmerizing everyone all around the globe. No wonder it has won millions of hearts with its indisputable beauty. You might have visited the Taj before, however, have you ever seen the Taj in the moonlight? No? Then it demands you another visit for sure.

The Taj Mahal at night during the Full Moon is probably one of the most beautiful sights you would ever come across in your lifetime. Such is the charm of this eternal epitome of love. It seems like the moon is in love with the Taj. As it illuminates this man made wonder on planet Earth and the moonlight falls on it, the unique marble which the Taj is made of radiates a kind of bluish light which sets up a blissful show for any human eye.

Every month for five days the ASI [Archaeological Survey of India] allows visitors to get a glimpse of the Taj Mahal at night adorned by the moonlight. On the Full Moon night and 2 nights before and after it, visitors can have a 30-minute stroll through the Taj Mahal premises and take pleasure in the most fabulous views of this gorgeous architectural wonder on Earth. Tickets are available at the ASI office at Agra 24 hours prior to the night view program.

Time slots for the Taj Mahal night tour during Full Moon are-

> 08:30 pm

> 12:30 am

Total 8 groups of 50 people each are taken inside the Taj Mahal with each batch allowed 30 minutes.

Ticket charges for Taj Mahal Night Tour are as follows-

> Adult [Indians]:      INR 510

> Kids:                        INR 500

> Foreign Nationals: INR 750

These are the upcoming Full Moon dates to consider when you must plan your Taj Mahal night visit-

Month 2018 2019 2020
January 01/31 20 10
February 19 08
March 01/30 20 09
April 29 18 07
May 28 18 06
June 27 16 05
July 27 16 04
August 25 14 03
September 24 13 01
October 24 13 01/31
November 22 11 29
December 22 11 29

Hotels in Agra with Taj Mahal View:

Now, this is another great way to enjoy the Taj Mahal during the Full Moon night. All you got to do is find hotels near Taj Mahal and book a hotel with Taj Mahal view. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Taj Mahal glistening in the Moonlight at the comfort of your hotel room. Sip a cup of hot Coffee or perhaps your favourite drink and wonder at this alluring monumental beauty finished in white marble.

Let us pick you 5 of the best hotels in Agra near Taj Mahal recommended for a picture perfect night view of Taj Mahal-

@ Oberoi Amar Vilas

Distance from the Taj Mahal: 600 meters

Room type recommended for you: Kohinoor Suite

Book your room at Oberoi Amar Vilas, Agra

@ Clarks Shiraz

Distance from the Taj Mahal: 2.6 km

Room type recommended for you: Deluxe Taj View Room

Book your room at Clarks Shiraz, Agra

@ Four Points by Sheraton

Distance from the Taj Mahal: 2.2 km

Room type recommended for you: Executive Taj View or Suite room

Book your room at Four Points by Sheraton, Agra

@ Radisson Blu

Distance from the Taj Mahal: 1.6 km

Room type recommended for you: Deluxe Taj Mahal view suite

Book your room at Radisson Blu, Agra

@ Crystal Sarovar Premiere

Distance from the Taj Mahal: 3.8 km

Room type recommended for you: Premium Taj View

Book your room at Crystal Sarovar Premiere, Agra

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