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Dive into the colours of India and paint the town not just red but in yellow, blue, green, and all bright shades as well. Walk into perfect frames, shop in boisterous and vintage streets, dine in meticulously crafted homes, explore the bohemian vibes in happening roads, and pose before colourful Gopurams (Temple Towers) in South India.

#1 White Town, Pondicherry: The Town of Frames

If you’re a lover of iconic frames and Instagram worthy excite your soul, Pondicherry is a must-visit destination in India. The authentic French vibes of White Town will leave your soul aching like the blissful waves of Paradise Beach, Promenade Beach, and Rock Beach. You don’t require an Instagram filter, all you need is a smartphone worth around 15k rupees to pull off stunning clicks before iconic doors, cafe, colourful walls, scenic roads full of trees, and walk worthy pathways.

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#2 Fort Kochi, Kerala: The Oldest Portrait of Kerala

Not all those who wander are lost! Probably, this quote was written to honour the nomadic yet cheerful vibes of Fort Kochi. Go for an early morning walk for a cup of black tea surrounded by red and raging paintings of Che Guevara, stroll past fisherman trying their luck with Chinese Fishing Nets, Dedicate afternoons in cafes near Jew street, and make your camera fetch ineffable moments of the most happening place in Kerala, Fort Kochi. Get on boats and disembark midway to encounter lonely routes where most of the places are empty during the evening, and experience a beautiful autorickshaw ride during the night listening to soulful numbers.

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#3 Chettinad, Tamil Nadu: Heritage Hues

From chiselled Italian-marbled floors to Burma teakwood doors and spacious windows, authentic and spicy Chettinad cuisine, this heritage destination in India is highly recommended for budding architects, destination wedding enthusiasts, and house decor professionals. Natural hues and milder tones are suitable for artistic clicks. Get ready for some vintage photography.

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#4 Patrika Gate and Doors of Jaipur, Rajasthan: The Synonym of Colour

The aesthetic rainbow walkway in pink city is not just a confluence of different cultures but also the number one Instagrammable spot in Jaipur. Patrika Gate is an entry point to Jawahar Circle Park and what a photographer will see here is a conglomeration of different cultures of Rajasthan depicted in various shades. Likewise, doors like Peacock Gate, Ganesh Pol, Lotus Gate, Rose Gate, Diwan-E-Am, Leheriya Gate, and Jantar Mantar doorways are fabulous places in Rajasthan for dreamy frames.

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#5 Blue Streets of Jodhpur, Rajasthan: Photogenic Paradise

Loitering around the colourful places on earth is a dream for photographers and Instagram influencers. One such dreamy destination is Jodhpur – The Blue City of Rajasthan. You cannot find many differences between Morocco’s Blue City Chefchaouen and Jodhpur unless the sight of Mehrangarh astonishes you. The Fort of the Sun or Mehrangarh Fort is one of the beautiful forts in India. Feed your fed up Instagram feed with the blue shades of Jodhpur.

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