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The trip along the banks of the rivers Ganga and Yamuna will be quite magical exploring the culture and color of Uttar Pradesh, a state embedded in the heart of the country. All the prominent tourist attractions in this state can be visited if you opt for the heritage arc tour of Uttar Pradesh.

Uttar Pradesh City Guide

The quintessential Uttar Pradesh can be well understood when you travel from one end of the state to the other crossing through the various cities dotted across the state. The cities emerged on the confluence of the rivers Ganga and Yamuna, the livelihoods of the people, the heritage monuments, forts and palaces will give you an insight of the state.

The heritage arc tour of Uttar Pradesh takes you through the major regions of the state commencing from Agra. You will be moved with mixed feelings when youvisit the epitome of the millennia, the Taj Mahal, the masterpiece of the Mughal architecture.

The tour continues with the adventurous trips on the Chambal wildlife sanctuary and Etawah Lion Safari which is on the extreme contrary of the romanticized Taj Mahal visit. Besides the passion and adventure, Agra gives you options to visit the shrines as well. The places correlated with the Hindu God Krishna, Mathura and Vrindhavan come as a part of your tour.

Travelling across the Lucknow region shows you mostly the places of worship like Ayodhya and NaimiSharanya. The Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuary takes you into the dense woods to see the animals wandering freely in their residence. The experience of watching the birds in the Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary will be an awesome part of your tour.

Taking a holy dip in the ghats of the Ganges, visiting the tall structures and temples of Somnath, paying a visit to the temples and opting for a trekking trail in the mountain ranges of Vindhyachal, going for a heritage walk in the ancient city Kapilavasthu are some of the enchanting activities towards concluding the heritage arc tour.

The fourth largest state of the country will take you holding your hands through the contemporary and classic phases of its history and the present day scenario which will be the richest moments of your tour to India.

Best time to visit

Uttar Pradesh is between the months of Oct to Jan. UP experiences summer, winter and monsoon seasons.From July to September is the monsoon season and during this time there will be heavy rainfall.Uttar Pradesh can be easily reached from through bus from the cities like Delhi and Uttarakhand.Commercial airport is at Agra.

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