Taj Mahotsav

As everyone is aware, the Taj Mahal is the seventh wonder of the world and reveals a great deal about Uttar Pradesh culture. The state hosts a unique event to encourage all the residents to showcase their unique talents as tourists swarm to this amazing landmark. You wouldn't believe it, but these talent shows are incredibly unique, incredible, and unmissable. The Taj Mahotsav cultural event is held in Agra each year. In February, the celebration typically lasts for ten days or more. It takes place near the Taj Mahal, one of the most well-known buildings in the world. With a variety of artistic mediums, music, dancing, and traditional crafts, Taj Mahotsav is a great celebration of Indian culture. The goal of the event is to highlight and promote India's rich cultural history.

The event takes place in Shilpgram, a crafts town near the Taj Mahal's eastern gate. The art and craft fair, where craftspeople from all across the nation display their traditional crafts, is one of Taj Mahotsav’s key draws. The setting offers a gorgeous background for the cultural spectacle. Handmade jewellery, fabrics, antiques, and more are available for purchase. These events feature well-known performers from many parts of India, and the festival showcases a variety of Indian folk music and dance.

Performances showcasing the country's rich cultural legacy are available to attendees. If you enjoy food, this festival is a must-see because it provides a variety of traditional and regional Indian cuisines, letting you try the flavours and delicacies of several states. Vibrant and colourful processions with traditional music and dancing are planned, and they give the area a joyous and lively feel. Experience the rich tapestry of Indian culture against the majestic backdrop of the Taj Mahal during the Taj Mahotsav, a once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Specialty of Festival:

One of the festival's specialties is that it brings together the best artists from around India, including musicians, dramatists, folk artists, and other artisans, for a ten-day celebration that enlivens the surrounding area. The complete cultural experience offered by the Taj Mahotsav makes it stand out. It gives artists and tourists alike a stage on which to honour India's rich and varied past. The festival is a must-attend event for anybody interested in Indian culture and customs since it produces a vibrant and joyous atmosphere. The festival is made even more spectacular by night time acts and illumination events. Frequently illuminated with unique illumination, the Taj Mahal provides an exquisite setting for the celebrations.

The Taj Festival's Food-festival, which brings together chefs and specialty cooks of Uttar Pradesh specialties, is one of its key draws. The primary cuisine of the state is Mughlai cuisine. The cities and villages have helped to localize it. Agra's and Lucknow's non-vegetarian delights, Varanasi's vegetarian delights, and Mughalai products are some of the notable specialties. At this Food Festival, indulge your palate with a variety of unusual dishes cooked by some of the most seasoned chefs as well as traditional dishes from Uttar Pradesh's interior regions.

The festival offers camel and elephant rides for tourists to experience a little bit of regality. This gives the cultural event a regal touch and provides an unforgettable experience.

Month of Festival:

Annually, from February 18 to 27, Shilpgram, close to the Taj Mahal's Eastern gate, hosts the much-anticipated Taj Mahotsav Agra celebration.

How to reach:

By Air : The Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) in Delhi is the closest airport to Agra located roughly 220 km away. You can take different forms of transportation or hire a taxi from the airport to get to Agra.

By Train :Agra Fort Railway Station is one of the main train stations in the city and there are several train connections available in Agra.

By Road :National highways connect major cities with Agra, which has a well-developed road network.


1.When is the annual Taj Mahotsav held?

The Taj Mahotsav is usually held in February every year.

2.Where is the Taj Mahotsav held?

The Taj Mahotsav is held in Agra next to the Taj Mahal's eastern gate. The location is Shilpgram, a village known for its crafts near the Taj Mahal.

3.At Taj Mahotsav, what can I expect?

A wide range of cultural activities are available at Taj Mahotsav, such as art and artisan fairs, musical performances, folk dances, exhibitions of traditional crafts, heritage walks, and a display of local cuisines.

4.Which neighbouring attractions are open to me during Taj Mahotsav?

Numerous historical sites, such as the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, and Fatehpur Sikri, may be found in Agra. It is possible to arrange to visit these locations in addition to Taj Mahotsav.