North Indian City Guide - Agra

Home to the world-famous wonder of the world Taj Mahal, Agra is a city of monuments, tombs, enthralling gardens, delicious food, and cinematic citadels. The most loved tourist place in India is the abode of a mystical past.

Agra - City Guide

The other UNESCO World Heritage sites include Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. On the banks of Yamuna River, history lovers and architectural fanatics shall experience the immensely popular Mughal art forms as a starter to the whole cultural diversity of India. The lip-smacking delights of Agra like Lassi and Chaat will do justice to the palpable tongue palates of expectant international travellers. The reign of Jehangir, Akbar, Aurangzeb, and Shah Jahan still shines in the monuments like Buland Darwaza and Taj Mahal. After the Mughals, the British Empire in India occupied a predominant position and after independence, Agra became a good industrial city while attracting tourists from all over the world.

October to March is the best time to visit Agra while tourists flock to the erstwhile Mughal territory in these months. During summer and monsoon, Agra will have fewer tourists as the temperature is extremely hot. Starting early during summer and visiting monuments before the sun gets heavy will be a good option. The best time to stay in place-turned-hotels in Agra.

The rich cultural and linguistic heritage of Darjeeling along with its orange orchids, Sumandu Lake, cable car, views of Kanchenjunga, and a rich combination of cuisine make it a favourable place for explorers too.

Try street foods in Agra Chaat after you visit the tomb of Itmad. Buy “Pietra Dura” in front of the shops near monuments like Taj Mahal. In Kalakriti, enjoy the grandeur of cultural activities near Agra Fort.

Places To Visit

Taj Mahal Being one of the seven wonders of the world, Taj Mahal is the most googled monument in the world. For many of the travellers, coming to India means going to Taj Mahal. It was built in memory of Mumtaz Mahal, the loving wife of Shah Jahan. “Teardrop on the cheek of eternity”. That’s how Rabindranath Tagore described Taj Mahal in a poetical way.

Fatehpur Sikri The erstwhile capital of the Mughal Emperor Akbar was made of red sandstone. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its architectural Panache. Along with Fatehpur Sikri, Agra Fort is also a UNESCO site in India and its construction also was started by Akbar. Relive the Mughal Era inside the extended halls, courts, arches, and imperial structures of Fatehpur Sikri.

Agra Fort Just 2.5 km away from Taj Mahal, Agra Fort is a standing testimony to the Mughal Era. Built of red sandstone brought from Rajasthan to Agra, Agra Fort will speak volumes about the architectural style of the Mughal Empire. Full of remarkable handiworks and ornamentation, Agra Fort also offers panoramic views of Taj Mahal emphatically.

How to reach Agra

Airways : Indhira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi is the nearest International airport to Agra Railways : Agra Fort Railway Station is less than 5 km from Taj Mahal

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