Himachal Pradesh is a state with two capitals: Shimla as the summer capital and Dharamshala as the winter capital. The state shares borders with Jammu and Kashmir on the north, Haryana on the south, Punjab on the west and south-west, and Uttarkhand and China on the south-east and east. The place helps with reinventing oneself and is a place to cheer up your mood in tepid weather. The state in the western Himalayas, rich in rivers, is a treasure trove of art, tradition, and housing for various types of flora and fauna. Himachal Pradesh is a panorama of numerous high peaks. The highest mountain peak in the state is Reo Purgyil, at a height of 6816 m. The place attracts tourists from all over the world. The state is famous for its adequate spiritual pilgrimages and abundant natural wellness. Snow-capped, lush greens in tranquil landscapes are must-visit views of Mother Nature. The place holds several divine gateways that have soulful connections to our inner peace. The state government also eases the travel with exceptional transport facilities.

Himachal Pradesh City Guide

The state is fondly known as Dev Bhumi, which means Land of Gods and Goddesses. As a renowned state for apple cultivation, Himachal Pradesh is called the Apple State of India. Kangra, a noted district of Himachal Pradesh, was briefly connected with ancient art and crafts. This ancient town is well-known for its paintings of the place's natural landscapes. The artists in the town mainly portrayed the theme of the divine love between Radha and Krishna.

Himachal Pradesh holds many must-visit majestic old famous monuments that date back to British rule, the Iron Age, and so on. Make sure to add those places to your list to visit at least once. Even though you are not a history buff, there are many places here to entertain you. Once you step into the place, you think of entering a fantasy world. Isn’t it great to walk along the pathway that stands to date where historians ramp once upon? This state is also home to around 350 animal species and about 1500 bird species. If you are a biophilic person, then this state is the best to witness the elegance and beauty of nature. We can hear the whispers of nature when we are willing to listen to them. That is what we call heaven on Earth, don't we?